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Nail Biting

Nail Biting

Healthy Tips for Healthy Nails
Healthy nails play an integral role in our overall health and well being. Beautiful, strong nails can be compromised when we overlook the things that contribute to healthy nails.

How to achieve Healthy Nails

Ever wondered why your nails refuse to grow, do you suffer from soft brittle nails? The reason for this can be based on several things. Let's take a look at how your lifestyle might be damaging your nails, and what we can do achieve healthy nails.

Eat healthy Foods

Healthy nails
Image via Pxhere
The food we eat has an effect on our bodies, including our nails—shocking, I know! So a well balanced meal is important. Nails are made from protein, so a protein rich diet such as lean fish, and meats are essential for healthy nails. Other protein rich foods include milk, yogurt, cheese,eggs, almonds and lentils. And don't forget your veggies, Brussels sprouts, broccoli,kale and spinach should be added to your diet as well.

Keep hands and Nails Clean

Healthy nails
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Wash your hands often with soap and water several times throughout the day. To thoroughly clean your nails apply soap to a toothbrush ( nope, not the one you use to brush your teeth lol) and gently scrub your nails and the surrounding skin. Ensure that the toothbrush used is mild or soft, and do not apply too much pressure when scrubbing-- so as not to break the skin and cause infection.

Trim Nails Regularly

Healthy nails
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Your nails must be trimmed at least every two weeks, or depending on how fast your nail grows. After trimming use a nail file or emery board to smooth away rough edges; doing this will prevent painful snags or breaks.

Don't Bite your nails

Healthy nails
Image via Wikimedia
Nail biting is a nasty habit that can harm your nails and affect your overall health. There is often dirt, sweat and germs beneath the nails which enters the mouth once you start to bite them. Plus, is there anything more unattractive than nails that have been bitten down to the core? Yuck!

Remember to Moisturize

Healthy nails
Image via Pexels
Just like the rest of your body, your cuticles and hands need moisture too. I would suggest using natural oils such as coconut or avocado oil. Gently massage the oil into your hands and cuticles at least once per day-preferably before going to bed. And there you have it; a few useful tips guaranteed to result in beautiful healthy nails!

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