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White Nail Designs

close up of woman in red spaghetti strap top | Lizzo's Trendy Milky White Nails We Absolutely Love | Featured
15 Ways To Wear The Big Milky White Nails Trend
Lizzo’s milky white nails from the KIIS FM Jingle Ball started a new trend that we’d all love to rock! Here are some of the cutest versions of this nail design that the glam squad will surely love. Related: 251 Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion 15 Milky White Nails You Can Rock on Your Own…
251 Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion
There’s nothing like stunning white nail designs to make your classy outfit even more sophisticated! If you’re not a fan of just white, you can also mix and match it with other colors and even nail gems. It would be perfect for any occasion!
Super Easy Geometrical Negative Space Nails You Can Wear on Your Date
Negative space nails are all the rage these days! People don them for all kinds of parties and gatherings, where you want to look put-together but not too overdone. I particularly love negative space manicures for a romantic night with my significant other! Check out this super easy tutorial now! Classy Negative Space Nails For Date Night…
Chic Pink and White Nail Designs Tutorial
Is pink and white nail designs your thing? Your lucky stars have aligned today as I’m sharing with you a tutorial featuring a nail art in this color palette…
[Tutorial] Cartoon Nail Art: Mustache Cat Nail Design
Nail art is one of the many ways to express ourselves and show the world the things that we adore. One of the chic designs that many young women are crazy about is the mustache cat. This cartoon feline becomes a bestselling pattern for nails.  Take a look at this cute and creative nail art tutorial…
[Tutorial] Summer Nail Art: My-Oh-Matte Palm Tree Nail Design
Do you want to bring in the summer sunset with you? Check out this tutorial by Janel Estep to bring in the tropical feels with this classy nail art design. [Tutorial] Summer Nail Art: My-Oh-Matte Palm Tree Nail Design Feel the Heat of Summer with this Hot Nail Art!   Ahh! The sunset vibes every summer where palm trees…
11 Must Try Polka Dot Nail Art Designs
Polka dots are everywhere these days. We can see the design on dresses, throw pillows, curtains, and even on some accessories. And now, polka dots are also invading the Nail Art Design world. Today we will show you 11 Polka Dot Nail Art Designs that are simply irresistible! 11 Must Try Polka Dot Nail Art…

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