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NexGen Nails | What Is This Latest Nail Trend?

If you’re a fan of gorgeous nail art but not acrylic, then NexGen nails are the answer to your prayers! You just have to dip your nails into a special powder to get a gorgeous manicure!

NexGen Nails | Alternative To Acrylics?

Thanks to innovations in the lacquer industry, you don’t need to sacrifice your natural nail beds just to get long gorgeous nails anymore. NexGen nails promises no damage to natural nails when applied and could last longer than other false nail application.

For some of those who have already tried it, they’ve had theirs on for as long as a month and a half without any complaints.  However, it all depends on how fast your natural nails grow. It’s also faster and more enjoyable to do than normal manicures.

Here are some details you’ll need to know before trying out NexGen Nails.


1. NexGen Nails VS Others

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Beyond looking natural, NexGen guarantees their product feels natural as well. Some users even claim that it feels like it’s really part of their body. While it is lightweight and flexible, it is also durable and strong so patrons need not worry about chipping and cracking. It is also environment-friendly and is fortified with calcium and vitamin E keeping your nails healthy.


2. Are There Benefits?

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Yes, there are. NexGen nails ensure the natural nails remain strong. While the product is water resistant, attaching it still allows the natural nails to breathe. Aside from not causing any damage, it is also odor free.


3. Nail Prep

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Every manicure should be properly prepped before anything else. Before placing NexGen nails, the hands should be sanitized. The salon attendant then removes the shine from the nail bed using a fine sand band. When drilling the nail, attendants do it gently and with as little pressure as possible. For those with really sensitive cuticles or nails, they opt to swap the drill with a cuticle pusher.


4. And The Result?

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After nail prep is completed, the tips of the NexGen nails are then shaped using a nail file. Nail artists generally take out the shine on it. Then, they brush the nails to clean it from any residue. A prep base is applied then base coat comes after. After this, the nails are dipped into a powder like solution that coats them in rich colors. One last base coat and you’re good to go.

If you’re adamant about getting boring colors for your NexGen nails, then there’s no need to worry. There are actually many choices in vibrant colors to select from. Your nails may also be coated with regular nail polish on top of NexGen so you can still enjoy your favorite nail art. The next time you visit the salon, why not ask your nail artist to hook you up with NexGen nails? It costs around $35 to $40 and is truly value for money. Try it and see the difference.


Curious about how to apply NexGen nails? Watch this video below from geektutorial101.

There are also other products that will give you the same effect as NexGen nails. You can try out other dipping powder nail systems and discover which one suits your style the most.

Would you consider trying NexGen nails on your next salon visit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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This post was originally published on September 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.