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Zoya Naked Manicure System | What Is This Latest Nail Product?

Unhealthy looking nails is a thing of the past with the new Zoya naked manicure system. The product promises to answer our difficulties with nail damage and discoloration problems by transforming them into well-groomed nails. If you’re constantly worried about sporting healthy looking nails, then read on as this may just be the perfect product for you.

Zoya Naked Manicure System | What Is This Latest Nail Product?

When clients set an appointment with me, I often encounter people who are too shy to show off their nails. They get too self-conscious with their nail problems ranging from discoloration that was either caused by aging or polish, fraying free edges, pitting or gel damage. Whether people admit it or not, nail health also has an effect on one’s esteem.

If you’re among those people, today is your lucky day because you can finally kiss your nail woes away with the Zoya naked manicure system. It is being advertised as a “highly effective system” that can provide users with “instant, gorgeous natural looking nails.” The product not only guarantees short-term benefits as it also lays down long-term advantages.

This latest nail product is definitely something worth trying! If you’re still not so convinced, here are some information about the Zoya naked manicure system that will surely persuade you that this product is a must-try.

Zoya Naked Manicure System | What Is This Latest Nail Product?

What’s included in the Zoya naked manicure system?

The Zoya naked manicure system comes with the naked manicure base, which helps in the nail’s strength and flexibility; naked manicure perfector, which mimics the color of the nail bed; naked manicure tip perfector, which brightens nail edge; and naked manicure satin seal for those looking for a natural finish. As an addition, the naked manicure glossy seal is available for people who love a shiny finish.

How does it work?

The product works in two ways. First, it can give instant results by eliminating the appearance of common nail problems. Second, it provides therapeutic benefits thereby improving the appearance and condition of the nails.

What are the product’s instant benefits?

After using the Zoya naked manicure system, unsightly discoloration would immediately disappear. There will be smooth ridges, a refine nail plate surface and perfect free edge. Simply put, users will be sporting a natural looking healthy nail.

What are the long-term benefits of its use?

Given that the product is loaded with vitamins and minerals, it can help in cellular renewal. Also, it can improve oxygenation, resilience, and hydration. Additionally, the Zoya naked manicure system is also able to boost nail strength and flexibility.

What are the vitamins and minerals found in the product?

It is loaded with vitamins B5 and E, protein complex, gingko and red algae.

How to use Zoya naked manicure system?

Begin by prepping the nails. This includes cleaning the cuticles and buffing. Apply the naked manicure base next. Then, choose from a variety of colors of naked manicure perfector. Mixing two colors is actually encouraged until you can get the perfect shade.

Rule of thumb: Apply the darker shade first followed by the lighter hue when opting for layering. Apply the tip perfector then the satin seal for a natural finish. If you like a shiny finish, then top your satin seal with a glossy seal.

The Zoya naked manicure system offers starter kits so consumers can enjoy the benefits the product brings. The women’s starter kit is available for $30, and comes with the base, perfector, tip perfector and satin seal. This is an affordable price for a DIY kit. For professionals, a kit may be bought for $96, and this includes the base, 5 perfector shades, tip perfector, satin seal ,and glossy seal. Men are also provided with their own kit, which is available for $24. It Includes the base, perfector and satin seal.


The application can last up to a week without any chipping or breakage so you know the product is really great value for the money spent.

To guide you on how to apply the Zoya naked manicure system, here’s a video from Jonathan Curtis:

There’s no doubt about the benefits this product gives. There are other ways, however, to grow healthy nails. Read this next!

Are you excited to try this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Visit my Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook page as well for more wonderful nail design ideas.

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