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Alicia Torello | Get to Know Anne Hathaway’s Celebrity Nail Artist

Alicia Torello makes a lot of celebrities happy with their manicures! Anne Hathaway, Kylie Jenner, and more love her nail designs! See some of her best works here!

Why Celebs Love Alicia Torello & Her Quirky, Fun Designs

If you love negative space nail art, or designs make use of the natural state of your nails, then you should definitely go follow Alicia Torello. The celebrity nail artist is currently busy catering to big shot Hollywood artists like Anne Hathaway! She completes all of Anne’s red carpet outfits with the perfect nail design!

Other celebs, like Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence, turn to her for their own perfect manicures as well. She’s also in demand for fashions shows, where clothes aren’t the only things that attract attention.

Get to know Alicia Torello and some of her best works here!

1. Nail Lines

It may look simple but this single nail line is one of Alicia’s most famous works. Not only are the lines precise and clean, they also show make your natural nails look incredibly pretty. Learn how to figure out which nail shape would enhance your natural nails better, take a look at the nail shape tip here. 

Alicia Torello | Get to Know Anne Hathaway's Celebrity Nail Artist

2. Phases Of The Moon

This is one of the more intricate designs by the celebrity nail artist. It shows each phase of the moon on each nail in elaborate details. Doesn’t it look breathtaking?

3. Colorful Reverse French Tips

The usual French tip can get quite tedious after awhile but Alicia Torello was able to give it her on twist. Instead of painting clean lines on the tip of the nail, she placed it near the cuticle instead.

Alicia Torello | Get to Know Anne Hathaway's Celebrity Nail Artist

4. Colored Outlines

Another signature look of the celebrated nail tech is the colored outlines. The young artist tried neon colors, metallic colors and even leopard prints as outlines on nails. You can have the outline created, keeping the center of your nails untouched. You can also paint a nude polish over a completed nail art if your hands aren’t steady enough.

5. Gradient Waves

There’s nothing more soothing than watching waves in the sea. This design by Alicia Torello combined that idea with some blue ombre shades to create something quirky yet cute.

6. Evil Eyes

One of the famed celeb nail tech’s trademark are these eye nails. Whether painted on all the fingernails or partnered with glitters or other colors, these quirky eyes captured the attention of the fashion world and the public.

Alicia Torello | Get to Know Anne Hathaway's Celebrity Nail Artist

7. Anne Hathaway’s Gold Leaf Nails

Anne Hathaway loves getting her nails done by the famed artist. Her impeccable manicures on the red carpet were all done by Alicia, including these wonderful gold leaf nails. This would be perfect to recreate for Fall, don’t you think?

Learn how to create the popular nail rings by Alicia Torello with this tutorial video from InStyle.

I know there are a lot of other designs by Alicia Torello that are amazing and fun. Tell me which ones you loved but was not included in this list. Sound off in the comments section below!

You can see more of Alicia Torello’s works through her website and Instagram page.

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