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Spring Nail Designs

Professionally manicured woman fingernails, with engagement ring | Classy Mauve Nail Designs For An Exquisite Look | mauve color nails | Featured
11 Classy Mauve Nail Designs For An Exquisite Look
With everything that is going on across the world right now—the pandemic, limited social movement, the work-for-home trend that has become the new normal-you might say, "What mauve nails? We're on lockdown." Well girl, at the very least, you need great nails. With so much negativity going around, we all need pretty distractions. And so, I have…
30 Gorgeous Spring Nail Designs To Brighten Up The Season
These spring nail designs will definitely brighten up the season! From pastel rainbows to floral nail designs, you’ll surely love looking at these arts on your nails. RELATED: Beautiful Floral Polka Dots Nails-Tutorial Greet the Season With Cute and Fun Spring Nail Designs Nail Designs for Spring to Match Your Lovely Look This Season My favorite season…
Sweet Spring Daisy Nail Art Design Tutorial
There's nothing more perfect than flowers blooming on a spring day so enjoy the season with this sweet spring daisy nail art design! RELATED: 10 Beautiful Nail Polish Shades For Spring Marc Jacobs-Inspired Sweet Daisy Nail Art Why The Spring Daisy Nail Art Design Is A Must-Try Spring's fashion trend is generally light, playful, and ready. Though Spring…
DIY- At Home Pedicure
At home pedicures are much easier than you can imagine, and the best part is that it won't cost you a dime.  Better yet, it's done in the comfort of your own home, so if you're sensitive about people looking at your feet, this is the perfect solution!

How to do your own Pedicure

Sandal season is fast approaching, so it's time to get those toes looking pretty, but why spend money at a fancy salon when a DIY pedicure is more cost effective and convenient ? Just follow these easy steps!
  1. Soak your feet

Image via Pixabay
First you'll need a basin filled with warm water, add some body wash to the water.  If you plan to do these pedicures on a regular basis, you can purchase a bottle of  foot soak online for 10 bucks or less. Scholl has a refreshing foot soak, along with a variety of options for cracked feet and other skin issues.

2. Scrub feet

Image via Flickr
Allow your feet to soak for about 10 minutes then remove one foot from the tub.  Rub some homemade foot scrub on your feet, then use a foot file to scrub away dead skin, and calluses. Repeat this step with the other foot. Follow up by using a pumice stone then rinse feet with clean, warm water.

3.clip toes

Image via Flickr
The next step is to clip and clean your toes. You'll need a nail file, nail clipper and an emery board. Cut your toe nails to an appropriate length and shape, then use an emery board to smooth out rough edges.  It's also important to clean out your cuticles; after this step add some cuticle oil, or any other natural oil to moisturize the cuticles.

4.Polish toes

Image via Pexels
It's now time for the final piece of the puzzle, applying your nail polish. Add a base coat first, then let dry for a minute or two. Next add the nail polish of your choice, you'll need two coats, but make sure you apply the polish in thin layers. Finish with a clear top coat.

5. Moisturize

Image via Pixabay
After your nail polish is dry, apply an oil or moisturizer to your feet. There you go, you've officially done your own pedicure and you didn't have to spend a penny!

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