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Madeline Poole & Her Colorful Life As A Sally Hansen Global Ambassador

Madeline Poole has the most colorful job ever – literally. See some of Sally Hansen’s ambassador’s best nail art designs here!

Get To Know Madeline Poole And Her Love For Vibrant Nail Art

Named as Sally Hansen’s Global Ambassador, Madeline Poole is sought after by a lot of celebrities to do wonderful things to their nails. I can’t blame them. The vibrant nail designs this celeb nail tech create are definitely special.

She plays around with colors, shapes and even natural nail colors to create masterpieces that nail lacquer companies and famous women gush over. The nail stylist has three designs that she loves doing: outlines, gradients, and galaxies. I personally love her under-the-nail manicures. They would look great with my makeup and outfit!

Check out some of the nail artist’s amazing work below!


1. Clean Outlines

One of the things I love about Madeline’s creations are the clean outlines. This design uses plain white polish for the outline, exposing the natural nail bed’s pretty hue. However, the negative space can be filled with different shades, depending on what you prefer.

Madeline Poole & Her Colorful Life As A Sally Hansen Global Ambassador

2. Gradients

Usually, when you talk about gradient nails, ombre designs immediately come up. However, being a painter, Madeline obviously took on a different route with this opportunity. Artists are also a stickler for details! That’s exactly why her gradient nails always look so flawless.


3. Galaxies

Everybody loves galaxy nails. The mixture of colors look intriguing, especially for anyone who loves art. Madeline Poole loves galaxies, as well as other designs similar in style. She’s done denim nails, which has the same feel as galaxy nails.


4. Colorful Designs

Colors – a combination of different shades – come to mind when Madeline’s name is mentioned. She loves mixing and matching different colors. Sometimes, she brings together colors that never would have looked great together–but she makes it work!


5. Under-The-Nail Designs

One of the most interesting nail trends last year was painting the underside of the nails. The top part of the nail bed may have some unremarkable nude or black polish but under it is a bright red shade, just like Louboutin shoes.

Madeline Poole & Her Colorful Life As A Sally Hansen Global Ambassador

6. Dots

When Miss Poole painted on huge dots on Jeremy Renner’s runway models for New York Fashion Week, circles on on nails became a huge hit! Here’s Madeline Poole’s take on that design.


Learn how to create the runway trend nail art from the Madeline Poole herself in the tutorial below.

Don’t you just love these designs by Madeline Poole? Which one would you try yourself? I just love how clean her gradients are! I also can’t wait to try those cute circles on my own nails. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

You can also see more of Madeline Poole and her love for colorful nail art from her Instagram page!

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