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3 Thoughtful Father’s Day Nails To Express Love To Your Dad

Express your love for dad with Father’s Day nails. The following nail art designs are common in terms of images you would associate with Father’s Day… necktie, golf, and checkers!

On Father’s day, show gratitude to our hardworking dads with these 3 thoughtful Father’s Day nails. Let’s pay tribute to our amazing dads with these simple and easy to do Father’s Day nail designs.

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Father’s Day Nails to Express Love to Your Dad

1. Golf Nail Design

This colorful Father’s Day nail art design looks ravishing!

  • Paint nails with green nail polish, then draw circles on some part of each nail with a light green nail polish.
  • With a small nail art brush, draw a line straight down into the green.
  • Use a dotting tool to dot the top and bottom of the flagpole to create the illusion of a hole.
  • Draw triangle flags on the flagpole, then choose a nice color in contrast to the green color.
  • Draw a black dot to make it look like a flagpole, then paint a dot with white nail polish for the golf balls.

2. Necktie Nail Design

This stunning nail art design is perfect to express our love to our dads. Father’s Day nail designs can be both glam and simple at the same time, like this pretty nail art design.

  • Apply one to two coats of white nail polish on your nails.
  • Create the necktie shapes using black acrylic paint.
  • Wait until it becomes dry.
  • After that, add the other colors and designs with different colored acrylic paints.
  • Outline each necktie shape in black acrylic paint.
  • Draw dots or lines inside each necktie.

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3. Checkered Nail Design

Who would thought that such an easy approach to nail art designs can be so beautiful? If you want an easy and yet stunning nail art design for Father’s Day, try doing this checkered nail art design.

  • Paint all nails white then, draw two small black lines at the base of the nail.
  • Connect the lines, then make another square.
  • Create more squares growing from edges, then fill in all squares.
  • Use white nail polish to neaten up the square’s edges.

Here’s one more Father’s Day nail art design you can try from ByClouser:

Most people would agree, these extraordinary Father’s Day nails are astonishing. If you want to have a unique look for the special day, these nail art designs deserve a try.

Our dads supported us in good and bad times while we grew up to be the best versions of ourselves. Surprise your dad and express your love to him by doing any of these Father’s Day nail art designs

Feeling excited to paint your nails using these designs for Father’s Day? Which of these nail art designs is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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