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Must Try | Rose Nail Art Tutorial Using Calligraphy Pen & Ink

If you want gorgeous rose nail art for your next manicure but don’t have the right kit, try using a calligraphy pen instead!

There are a lot of different ways to get beautiful manicure aside from using nail polish. You can use acrylic paint, colorful Sharpies, and even lipstick! Now, calligraphy pens have been added to the mix!

Must Try | Rose Nail Art Tutorial Using Calligraphy Pen & Ink

You don’t have to stick to acrylic brushes or nail art pens for an elegant rose nail art design. In this line of profession, you have to be creative and resourceful. I have numerous experiences when I had to resort to using the most unusual tools just to create different nail looks. I’ve even used a safety pin just to get a super fine line for a certain nail design. I think calligraphy pens are fun and a totally new way to create magnificent nail arts!

If you have some calligraphy pens and ink at home then you should really try this idea!


What you need for the rose nail art:

  • Calligraphy ink (white, green, lilac)
  • Calligraphy pen
  • Nude nail polish
  • Glittered polish
  • Clear top coat


Step 1: Prepare Calligraphy Ink

After cleaning your nails and applying a nude base polish, start preparing the calligraphy ink needed for this rose nail art design. First off, mix a drop of green calligraphy ink with white. In a separate container, mix a drop or two of lilac with white.

I believe in the importance of base application when it comes to nail art. I always make sure to apply a great base because it holds the nail art in place. I trust Essie Nail Color Polish. The Spin the Bottle color is my go to when it comes to nude shades. You can get it here at Amazon.

Must Try | Rose Nail Art Tutorial Using Calligraphy Pen & Ink

Step 2: Draw The Petals

Using the calligraphy pen dipped in the mixed lilac ink, draw rose petals on your nail. Make sure to scatter the small roses all over the nail and make sure you have enough space for the stems.

Must Try | Rose Nail Art Tutorial Using Calligraphy Pen & Ink

Step 3: Draw The Stem

When you’re satisfied with your spatter of rose petals, draw in the stems with the green calligraphy ink. Make sure you clean your pen before you dip it in another color.


Step 4: Put Highlight

To give your roses more depth, draw in a bit of white on the sides of the petals. This will make the roses look more lifelike. It also creates a 3d effect to your design.

You can also use red or a darker pink to make your roses pop!

Must Try | Rose Nail Art Tutorial Using Calligraphy Pen & Ink

Step 5: Add Top Coat

After the ink completely dries up, get your favorite glitter nail polish and coat your nails. You should also apply a top coat on all your nails to protect it and help the rose nail art design to last longer.

Isn’t it super gorgeous?!  I love how this nail design is so simple to do yet it looks very classy.


Isn’t this rose nail art so elegant?! Watch the tutorial from Nail Career Education below!

What do you think of this rose nail art tutorial? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

If you love floral designs, then you’ll love this nail art perfect for fall!

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