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11 Glamorous Neon Nail Designs You Must Try This Season

While we have different preferences when it comes to nail polish color, there are designs worth giving a try for the fun and the glamor they bring. I’m talking about neon nail designs.

Bright colored nails are to die for which is why I have put together this list of eleven breathtaking nail ideas. Get your hands and nail art tools ready ’cause they’re going to test your nail painting skills.

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11 Chic Neon Nail Designs That Will Have You Dropping Jaws

1. Twinkle Twinkle Neon Nail Design

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The sparkle of glitter coupled with the brightness of neon nail polish is a perfect blend of dreamy and alluring. I suggest this nail art on long nails so you appreciate it better.

2. Chevron Neon Nail Design


Can’t decide what neon shade to settle for? Combine neon pink and yellow polish to create an ombre pattern for your base. Then, add mesh-like lines for a chevron finish.

3. Glow-In-The-Dark Neon Glitter Nails

Glow-In-The-Dark Neon Glitter Nails | Glamorous Neon Nail Designs You Must Try This Season | bright colorful nail designs

Take neon nails a step further by making them glow in the dark. All you need are some glitter confetti and you’re all set.

4. Graffiti Neon Nail Design

This is your go-to neon nail design when you want something out of the box. The trick is to use a good ratio of neon and black so the graffiti is visible.

5. Rainbow Bloom Neon Nail Design


Play with the colors of the rainbow by not doing the ROYGBIV order. Ombre and gradient are also good ideas.

6. Tiger Neon Nail Design

When you want to go for an all glam look, this tiger nail design is what you need. A neon orange nail polish will do for the base but mixing it with yellow to create an ombre pattern will do, too.

You can use a thin brush or a toothpick for the black stripes.

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7. Firefly Neon Nail Design


Neon colored nails are cool but it would be even cooler if you tried out this glow in the dark neon nail design? Choose from the wide array of neon colors the glow you feel suits you.

8. Rainbow Neon French Tips Nail Design


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You can customize this nude neon combo by adding a different neon shade on each nail or go with the neon rainbow ombre as is. Consider doing the same for the base of your nail.

9. Neon Feather Nail Design

@naildesignsZayn Malik- Pillow talk♬ original sound – naildesigns

This is the design to go for when you are testing the waters of the neon colors world as it allows you to go slow on the bright colors. You can change up the nail art to another that pleases you better.

10. Double French Tips Neon Nail Design


Fancy watermelons? This neon nail design was inspired by the sweet fruits.

But this one’s minus the seeds. But you can still add them if you want.

11. Sunset Neon Nail Design


This neon orange and yellow ombre nail design is one to die for, especially on coffin nails.
Maintain the vertical ombre effect to give it an edgy and unique design.

With this list, you have eleven neon color design changes. If you’re still testing the waters, choose to start with a plain design and move to those with bling as you progress.

Remember to have fun!

Let us know which of these designs you can’t wait to wear by leaving a comment below!

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