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Try This Scrumptious Food Nail Art For Thanksgiving

Food nail art is such a hit for any season but it’s particularly loved during the holidays! This cherry pie nail art will definitely make you look forward to Thanksgiving dinner this year!

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t just about the food you eat, it’s also a time for family and friends to gather and enjoy a meal together. How will you celebrate the holiday this year?

Try This Scrumptious Food Nail Art For Thanksgiving

Cherry Pie Nails For Thanksgiving!

Aside from dark colored nail polishes for Autumn, some delicious-looking food nail art will also be in during Thanksgiving! You can totally wear your favorite food on your nails as a sort of tribute for the Holiday. It’s even become a tradition for me!

When the big dinner rolls around, I’ll be sporting my best cherry pie nails while I cook the same dish for my family! It gets me in the mood to make a scrumptious spread for Thanksgiving! Partner these nails with some occasion-appropriate makeup and outfit and I’m good to go!

Learn how to create some awesome cherry pie nails with this tutorial!


What you’ll need for this scrumptious Thanksgiving food nail art:

Try This Scrumptious Food Nail Art For Thanksgiving

Step 1: Fill In The Filling

Creating cherry pie nails is actually quite easy to do! You only need to keep your hands steady enough to get the design just right!

First off, you always have to clean and prep your nails before applying the base coat. This will protect your nails from becoming weak and brittle. With the base coat in place, paint your nails a merry cherry color. This will be the filling of your Thanksgiving pie nail art!

Step 2: Create The Pie Crust

Using a thin brush dipped in nude nail polish, draw three diagonal lines right next to each other. Do the same thing with lines leaning towards the other side. They should criss-cross in the middle of your nails. Thicken it a bit to really make them look like the crust on a cherry pie!

Step 3: Seal In Your Cherry Pie Design

After putting in the final touches of the pie crust, seal in the design with a fast-drying top coat. Applying a top coat will make your food nail art last longer and keep your nails strong as well! Plus, it makes your nails look shiny and pretty.


Watch the full tutorial from xoJahtna below! You can either watch all three Thanksgiving nail designs or just skip to 3:11 for the cherry pie nail design tutorial.

Doesn’t this food nail art look good enough to eat? If you don’t like cherry pie, you can always substitute the red filling with orange to turn it into a pumpkin pie! Use a dark nude shade with some glitter for apple pie!

How would you like your Thanksgiving pie to look like? Let me know in the comments section below!


It’s still Autumn and you can never ignore some really awesome nail design perfect for the season! Learn how to create a wonderful Fall-inspired nail art here!


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