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[Tutorial] Easy Spring Floral Nail Design

Spring season is all about flowers and dainty colors. So when choosing a design for your nail arts to match your daily wear and spring dance dress, check out this beautiful and easy Spring floral nail design by Cutepolish.

[Tutorial] Easy Spring Floral Nail Design

Mere Charming Spring Nail Art

Welcoming Spring with bright and pretty nails with this easy tutorial, perfect for beginners! You can effortlessly recreate this charming nail design.

You’ll need:

[Tutorial] Easy Spring Floral Nail Design

Step 1: Base Coat

Start off with a base coat to protect your natural nails.

Step 2: Steal Blue Nail Polish Application

Apply a steal blue nail polish as the base color.

Step 3: Light Pink Flower Dot

Using a light pink nail polish and a dotting tool, add dots in a circle on your nails to create the petals of the flowers.

Step 4: Darker Pink Flower Dot

Using a darker pink nail polish, add more dots in a circle for different variations of color.

Step 5: Center Dot

Add a dot in the center of the flower using the opposite color of nail polish of each flower.

Step 6: Mint Green Nail Polish Leaf

Using a mint green nail polish and a thin brush, draw some small lines on the open area of your nails for the leaves. Finish it with a top coat to seal in your design.

[Tutorial] Easy Spring Floral Nail Design

And you’re done!

Effortless! How do you love your new nail art? You just painted a warm vibrant vibe on your nails!

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ ~Robin Williams

Watch the full tutorial below:

Bright colors and florals — this pretty nail design is perfect for Spring! Strut your OOTD — match it with a girly nail art and try this tutorial!

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