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Complete Your Harley Quinn Costume With This Easy Nail Art DIY

Hardcore fans of Suicide Squad will be donning their Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Joker, and Harley Quinn outfits for the epic anti-superhero film of the year! Planning to watch the movie in style? Try this easy nail art design to compliment your Harley Quinn costume!

Complete Your Harley Quinn Costume With This Easy Nail Art DIY

It’s Crazy Good!

The Harley Quinn costume used in the film is very different from the comic book version. While Margot Robbie sports a pink and blue hue in the film, true DC fans know that the red and white jester costume she wears in the artworks is the original version!

Pay homage to the iconic Harley Quinn look with this easy tutorial from anything&everything.

Here’s what you need to make the awesome nail art design that will complete your Harley Quinn costume:

  • Base and Top Coat
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Fine brush
  • Dotting tool

Step 1: Black and Red Checkers

Do you play checkers or chess? Then this step will be super easy for you!

After buffing and coating your nails with a clear base polish, you can now paint your forefinger with a black base. Using red nail polish, make a line right in the middle of the nail, then add two vertical lines across it.

Now fill in every other square with red to make the checkers design.

Complete Your Harley Quinn Costume With This Easy Nail Art DIY

Step 2: Harley Quinn’s Costume

Repeat step one on your ring finger. Although this time, you can use red as your base and black to fill in the squares.

When you’re done with the checkers design, you can add on the white frills of the mischievous villains outfit.

Using a dotting tool, make three dots on the upper side of your nail. Make sure the middle one is slightly lower than the other two. Now connect the dots with curved lines, almost similar to a dripping design.

Finally, add a single dot below each of the curved dip.

Complete Your Harley Quinn Costume With This Easy Nail Art DIY

Step 3: Black and Red Diamonds

Use red as a base on your middle finger. Using a fine brush, make three diamonds on the side of your nail. Fill them in with black polish.

Repeat the process on your pinkie but with a black base and red diamonds.

Step 4: Make A Portrait

Paint a white base color on your thumb. Using black acrylic paint, draw on the female villain’s mask and mouth. Don’t forget to make her grin as wide as possible to make her look like the mischievous little devil that she is.

Complete Your Harley Quinn Costume With This Easy Nail Art DIY

Step 5: Apply Top Coat

After finishing all the designs on each finger, clean the excess nail polish around your nails.

Now you can finish your nail art with a top coat. This will help make your Harley Quinn costume nail art design look glossy and perfect!

Wasn’t that fun? Now your Harley Quinn costume will be complete with this awesome nail art!

Watch the full tutorial from Anything&Everything below!

Check out Nail Designs for other character-based designs that will surely liven up your manicure!

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