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[Tutorial] Cartoon Nail Art: Mustache Cat Nail Design

Nail art is one of the many ways to express ourselves and show the world the things that we adore. One of the chic designs that many young women are crazy about is the mustache cat. This cartoon feline becomes a bestselling pattern for nails.  Take a look at this cute and creative nail art tutorial by Nailbees.


[Tutorial] Cartoon Nail Art: Mustache Cat Nail Design

The Purr-fect Nails for Every Fashionable Cat-Lover!

Cat-lovers! we simply can’t hide our love for  our pet, so here’s a purr-fect design that you can be thrilled about. Be delighted for this purr-fect designs for your nails from Nailbees.  For sure, you wouldn’t be able to resist this one! Prepare your claws with this easy, simple-to-create, and lovable nail design. Let’s begin!

You’ll need:

  • white nail polish
  • acrylic paint (black and red)
  • dotting tool
  • thin brush
  • top coat


Step 1: The Cat’s Head

Draw a round shape on the tip of your nails using a white nail polish, this will be the cat’s head. Draw the ears of the cat using a dotting tool. Apply the second coat of the white nail polish.

Step 2: The Cat’s Face

For the cat’s face, using black acrylic paint and a thin brush, draw simple dots for its eyes and nose.

Step 3. The Cat’s Mustache

For the signature mustache, use the same black acrylic paint and a thin brush to draw the tash.

[Tutorial] Cartoon Nail Art: Mustache Cat Nail Design

Step 4. Buttons and Bow Tie

Draw some buttons and cute little bow ties below the mustache. Once you’re done, seal in with a top coat.

And you’re done!

And that’s it! Your mustache cat nail design is done — simple and easy eh?


Watch the full tutorial below:

Purr-fect white cat french nail over a clear base. That’s all you need to put these cute, furry friends on your finger tips!

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