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How To Do French Ombre Nails

French ombre nails are classic nail design and versatile. These “baby boomer nails” can suit anyone’s style.

If you want to impress the glam squad with these fabulous gradient nails, here are some of the cutest ways to slay this new trend and how you can recreate them!

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11 Ways To Rock the French Ombre Nails Trend

1. Hint of Shine


French ombre nails with stud | How To Do French Ombre Nails

Sometimes, your nail art deserves a dash of sparkle for a cute twist! Even one or two of the tiniest jewels can make your French ombre nails stand out even more.

How to DIY: To ensure that the gems stick, it is better to work on this with acrylic nails. Using an orangewood stick, apply the jewels at the bottom of your ring fingernail. If you want to add more, you can follow our rhinestone nail art tutorial!

2. Stiletto Style

almond french ombre nails | french ombre nails

Stiletto nails are everyday favorites among the glam squad, and it’s easy to see why. The stylish cut makes the perfect canvas for any kind of nail design! They might be sharp, but they’re super sexy too!

How to DIY: To successfully sculpt the shape with an acrylic nail kit, check out our DIY stiletto nail tutorial! Not too sure if you can do it? You can also use plastic nails or stick-on.

3. Sprinkle of Glitter

glittered french ombre nails | How To Do French Ombre Nails

If you’re the type of gal who likes to rock glittery nails, you can never go wrong with this twinkling nail design. Who knew a few specks of glitter can make such a shiny difference?

How to DIY: While your clear topcoat is still wet, sprinkle some glitter powder over your nails. You can also try to recreate this falling glitter nail art if you want more sparkle!

4. Everything Sparkly

sparkling pink white ombre french nail | How To Do French Ombre Nails

My love for flashy nail designs never ends. Even if I’m wearing neutral lacquer, sparkly ornaments just tickle my fancy!

How to DIY: Apart from incorporating shiny nail stickers and glitters, don’t skimp on the gems! If you can’t decide on the style or patterns, you might like our picks for bling nail designs. Acrylic nails are the best bases to use for this process.

5. French Vanilla

[wdi_feed id=”2″]

Is it just me, or are the creamy swirls in iced coffee just so satisfying to look at? Thankfully, they’re just as aesthetically pleasing when recreated as a nail design!

How to DIY: Since you should always start with a white base, choose a coffee-like shade for the other color. If you need more inspo, we have some milky white nail designs you might like!

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6. Chrome Chic

Looking for something more than just sheen for your mani? A chrome effect can definitely be achieved without compromising the look of your French ombre nails!

How to DIY: After applying the base coat and gradient color, use a clear topcoat and cure the gel under a UV light. Then, apply a tiny amount of loose chrome powder. To make sure you do a clean job, you can use our mirror chrome design as a reference!

7. Dainty Daisy

Daisies have become super trendy in fashion and nail art! This cute little flower adds a fresher flair, especially when paired with French ombre nails. The hues also complement the natural color palette of your nail canvas.

How to DIY: If you’re confident with your painting skills, you can try our daisy nail design! Decals can work, too. Don’t forget to add a few gems for a chic finish.

8. Nature’s Touch

Bring out the earth tones of your gradient nail designs with nature-inspired embellishments! A pretty vine or fern can make the colors pop. Any kind of leaf will do, as long as it fits your aesthetic.

How to DIY: Before applying the clear topcoat, use white nail polish to paint the leaf shapes. You can also use nail decals for the leaves, or you can follow our palm tree nail tutorial for more options. Shellac nails are good choices for this specific nail art.

9. Classic Ombre

The iconic French ombre nails are often created with a beautiful gradient of white and neutral colors. The clean look offers an elegant appeal that never goes out of style!

How to DIY: Apply a white base coat and let dry. Use a sponge for your second color to create a cool gradient effect. For the step-by-step process, you can check out our ombre nails tutorial!

10. Floral Flair

Everybody loves floral nail designs, especially when they’re adorned with chic 3D embellishments! Make your gradient nails dreamier than ever with the beauty of petals.

How to DIY: Create your own flowers using an acrylic nail kit! You will also need some nail art brushes to control the shape of the petals. Our 3D acrylic rose tutorial can help you get started.

11. Dreamy Marble

As if your French ombre nails weren’t cute enough, adding marble accents can kick them up a notch! This mesmerizing nail art will fulfill your aesthetic dreams.

How to DIY: Choose two nails per hand where you will apply the marbling gradient. Add droplets of your chosen colors to form the effect. You can find out more about the complete process with our marble nail art guide!

French ombre nails offer a classy and glamorous look that you can rock for any occasion. You should definitely consider them as one of your go-to manis!

They’re also very easy to do by yourself, provided that you already have a design in mind. It’s also important that you have the right nail kits and nail polishes to achieve your preferred finish.

Inspired to rock more designs for your french ombre nails? Check out this video by Cute Polish for more nail art ideas:

Which of these french ombre nails would you love to recreate by yourself? Share your picks and favorites in the comments section below!

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