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Try This Trendy Quick and Easy Polka Dot Nail Art Design

Are you the type who loves a cute & sleek design on your nails? Me too! I’d love anything polka-dotty because it’s simply eye-catching for everyone, just like the polka dot nail art design.

No matter what season it is, the polka dot nail art design never goes out of style. If you’re ready to create this enticing design, scroll down below for a quick and easy tutorial!


Try This Latest Quick and Easy Polka Dot Nail Art Design

Gone are the days when nail polishes and designs are plain and simple. I have noticed how people became more adventurous with nail designs. With the help of social media, new nail trends have become easier to achieve.

The polka dot nail art design is a great variation on nail polish. Let this tutorial show you how to create this design.

Now let’s get started!




  • Make sure your nails are clean with base coat before starting.
  • When painting dots, go easy on the dotting tool to avoid uneven sizes of the dots.
  • Make sure your design has completely dried up before painting your nails with a top coat.

Try This Trendy Quick and Easy Polka Dot Nail Art Design

Step 1: Base Color & Accent

Paint your thumb, index, middle, and pinky nails with OPI “Sepora.” For your ring finger nails, paint them with INM “Dream On.

Step 2: Dots

Dip the tip of the dotting tool into the super opaque white airbrush ink and start painting dots on your nails.

Step 3: Top Coat

Once you’re done with all your nails, apply Seche Vite fast dry top coat before we glam up your nails with nail jewels.

Step 4: Sculpting Gel

Use a dotting tool to apply OPI Axxium sculpting gel on your nail to secure the jewel.

Step 5: Nail Bow Jewel

Place the nail bow jewel on the sculpting gel.

Try This Trendy Quick and Easy Polka Dot Nail Art Design

Step 6: LED Nail Lamp

If you want the design to dry fast, cure the gel with a LED nail lamp for 60 seconds. This is only possible with those who have this equipment.


And there you go!

Now all you need is a cute dress to pair this with!


You can watch the full video from Nail Career Education below:

Well, that was such a fun design to do. Recreate this design and tell us how it went by leaving a thought or two on the comments section down below. Happy painting!


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