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Easy Retro Butterfly Nail Art Stamping Tutorial You’ll Love To Show Off

Spring isn’t the only time to enjoy some pretty butterfly nail art! You can wear it during any season with different styles – like this awesome design I’m going to teach you!

Butterfly designs make everything look absolutely beautiful! Even Snapchat loves them!

However, if you have a thing for vintage stuff then getting this wonderful design is just the thing for you! Not only does it look awesome, it’s also easy to do! Just make sure that you’ve got your stamping tools and this butterfly nail art will be as easy as ABC!

Easy Retro Butterfly Nail Art Stamping Tutorial You’ll Love To Show Off

There are several ways to create some wonderful butterfly nail art. You can hand paint them, use decals, or make them look abstract. With a stamping tool, however, you can show off beautiful butterflies without worrying if you drew them right or not.

You only need a stencil, a clear stamp and some of your favorite nail polish shades to make drool-worthy butterfly nail art designs! The design I’m going to teach you will give the flittering creatures a retro feel. Plus it also has a wonderful floral design! You and your friends are going to love this manicure!


What you’ll need for your retro butterfly nail art:


Step 1: Keep It Minty

After cleaning your nails and applying base coat to protect it from polish chemicals, apply the Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet shade on all your nails. This particular shade is just a perfect base for a vintage style nail art.

Easy Retro Butterfly Nail Art Stamping Tutorial You’ll Love To Show Off

Step 2: Stripe ‘Em Up!

Place 5 striping tape vertically on your nails. Afterwards, apply the Rimmel Grey shade on the striped nail. You can then pull out the striping tape to reveal a perfectly retro-looking base for your butterflies. Apply a fast drying topcoat to seal in the design before stamping in your flowers and butterflys.


Step 3: Stamp The Flowers

Pick out the flower design on your MoYou London Tourist 03 stamping plate. Apply the coral nail polish on the flowers and scrape off the excess polish. Transfer the design to a stamper. Set it aside before moving on to the butterfly stamp.

Easy Retro Butterfly Nail Art Stamping Tutorial You’ll Love To Show Off

Step 4: Stamp The Butterflies

Now you need the butterfly design on the Mother Nature Collection – 01 stencil for this step. Apply Ya Qin An Chocolate on the butterflies, scraping off any excesses before stamping it. You need to set aside two separate stamps of this color.

Repeat the same process but using Ya Qin An Purple. You also need 2 separate stamps for this. Remove the other butterflies using adhesive tape, leaving 2 butterflies to put on your nail.

Easy Retro Butterfly Nail Art Stamping Tutorial You’ll Love To Show Off

Step 5:  Color It Up!

Now that you have your butterflies and flowers, fill up the details using a detail brush. Use white on the flowers, beige on the brown butterflies and lilac for the purple ones.


Step 6: Reverse Decal

Since the designs created can’t be readily stamped onto your nails, you’ll have to turn them into a decal. Apply a fast-drying topcoat over the design and wait for them to dry completely before peeling them off the stamper.

Snip off the extra space to make the stamped decal fit your fingernail. For the ring finger, you can separate the butterflies and attach them on your nail one by one.

Easy Retro Butterfly Nail Art Stamping Tutorial You’ll Love To Show Off

Step 7: Mattify It For Extra ‘Ooomph’

Add a clear, fast drying top coat to make all the stamped decals stick properly on your nails. This will also help you avoid any bumps or ridges when you apply your matte topcoat.

Doesn’t the matte finish make your butterfly nail art look more retro?


Watch the full tutorial from Cassis P below:

Wasn’t that vintage butterfly nail art design fun to do? You can also try using other colors for your background. You can even use big polka dots as a background to give your manicure a more 60’s look. Play around with the design and let me know what you came up with in the comments section below!

Want more butterfly nail art ideas? Try recreating this gorgeous Monarch butterfly design!


You can also visit Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for more nail art designs and ideas!


featured image via opal hazlett


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