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DIY Jaw-Dropping Shattered Glass Nail Design

Wanna know how to do this jaw-dropping shattered glass nail design? Keep on reading and be amazed how badass this trend is as it sounds.

DIY Jaw-Dropping Shattered Glass Nail Design

Most Need-Right-Now Nail Trend

Don’t panic though – it’s not scary as it sounds. You don’t need to affix pieces of broken glass. Instead, we’re going to use a colored cellophane to mimic the look of a broken glass. Who would’ve have thought that snipping cellophane and pasting it onto your nails could be a friggin’ art? Just take a look of this tutorial by Cutepolish so you can try the glass nails yourself and get ready to become obsessed!


What you will need:



Step 1. Cuticle Oil Application

Use a cuticle oil to massage those cuticles to have a soft and moisturized cuticles.

Let it dry and wipe off the excess oil on your nails with a rubbing alcohol.

Reminer: Be sure to only remove the oil from the nail, not over the cuticles.

DIY Jaw-Dropping Shattered Glass Nail Design

Step 2. Apply your Base Coat

Apply a base to protect your nails. This will help your nail polish stay for a long time.

Fact: Unhealthy eating habits and unhealthy diet are bad for the nails.

DIY Jaw-Dropping Shattered Glass Nail Design

Step 3. Black Nail Polish 

Paint your nails with a black nail polish for your base color.

Tip: You can use a black matte nail polish to make the shattered glass effect more pronounced.


Step 4. Shattered Glass Effect Preparation

For the shattered glass effect, take the iridescent cellophane and cut it into small pieces of triangular shape.

This will be for your glass shards.

DIY Jaw-Dropping Shattered Glass Nail Design

Step 5. Shattered Glass Effect Application

Apply a layer of top coat so the cellophane could stick with it.

I’d describe my look as girly-edgy. I like black nail polish and eyeliner, but I’ll wear them with pink shoes. ~Ariel Winter

Pick up the shards with a wax pencil or wet toothpick and place the shards on your nails.

Make sure you leave a little space between each one to make a genuine shattered effect.

Remove some outlying edges of the cellphone with scissors.

DIY Jaw-Dropping Shattered Glass Nail Design

Step 6. Apply your top coat and you’re done!

Seal in your design with a top coat. Apply two coats to keep the shards in place.


Nailed it!

Making your nails on point! It’s so sharp it could cut you!

I wear a lot more glitter around the holidays, so I’m always wearing different glitter nail polish or fun metallic eye shadow. It’s the holidays – everything is more twinkly and celebratory. ~Blake Lively

Watch the video tutorial below:

This trendy nail design came from South Korea and developed by Eunkyung Park. It’s now gone fully mainstream! It’s such amazing how much glamour you would have have with such a simple process. Try to recreate the look and tell us how it went by leaving us a comment below. Have fun!


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