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3D Nails: Cute 3D Bow Nail Art Tutorial

Are you a 3D nail art fan? Time to adorn your nails in a creative way! If you want to learn a new sweet nail art, then you’ll love this tutorial from Cutepolish!

3D Nails: Cute 3D Bow Nail Art Tutorial

Tutorial | The Sweet 3D Nail Bow

3D Nail Art is a 3 dimensional art that can be done with various molds. Today, we’ll share this simple yet adorable 3D nail design that will remind you of sweet candies and everything sugary — pastel colors, leopard print, bow, and everything nice.

Let’s start, shall we?

You’ll need the following:

  • Zoya Anchor Base Coat
  • Formula X Alive
  • Zoya Ziv
  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • Formula X Extraordinary
  • Zoya Armor Top Coat
  • KISS Nail Art Glue
  • 3D Rhinestone Bows

3D Nails: Cute 3D Bow Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1

Let’s start by applying a base coat on your nails.

Tip: Always remember that it’s important to apply base coat before your polish. This helps protect your nails from the pigment colors of your polish stain them.

Step 2

Choose your favorite pastel pink polish and paint your index, pinky, and thumb.

Step 3

Next, choose a metallic gold for your ring finger. This will make a great background for your bow to be placed on.

Step 4

Finally, use the white polish to paint your middle finger.

Step 5

Now for the leopard print, just use the brush on your pink polish to dab a few random spots.

Tip: Make sure to space them out. You can make about 3-4 spots.

Step 6

Using a grey polish, place a blob of it on a tin foil and then use a toothpick to dip into it.

Step 7

Apply this around the pink polish to finish the leopard spots. Make sure you only outline them partially. Don’t forget to add a few grey spots to tie the whole nail together.

Tip: We’re using a grey polish instead of black because this color gives the overall design a softer look.

Step 8

For the gold studs, just add a little top coat on the pink nail and then pick up the gold stud with a toothpick. Press it firmly on the nail.

Step 9

Now, add a top coat on all your painted nails for the finish shine. This will also make sure your studs won’t easily be removed.

Step 10

For the final step, use a nail art glue to adhere the bow on your nail. Just add a small drop to your nail and press the bow on it. Give it a few minutes to dry.

And you’re done!

You’ll definitely get a lot of compliments with this pretty 3d bow nail design. We hope you love this tutorial! See you on our next nail art design update.

3D Nails: Cute 3D Bow Nail Art Tutorial

You can also watch the video tutorial below:

Are you still looking for more nail art designs? Head to this link to see more.


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