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DIY Easy Minion Nail Art Tutorial | Perfect For Your Kids!

Minion nail art? Who wouldn’t love this? Ever since I watched Despicable Me, I instantly fell in love with the lovable and cute minions! I wish I could take one home with me. They’re too adorable to describe. I can’t even express just how fond I am of them. In this post, I’ll share a tutorial on how to create a minion nail art.

DIY Easy Minion Nail Art Tutorial | Perfect For Your Kids!

I haven’t met anyone who has not raved about minions. There may be a language barrier with them but that doesn’t stop everyone from being smitten by them. My nieces and nephews, and even their parents (yes, dads especially!) can’t seem to take their eyes away from the famous cartoon character.

This level fondness inspired me to don a minion nail art. Can you guess who became their instant favorite auntie? Yes, that’s right! ME! This nail art is a fun activity you can do for yourself or the little ones. You can even do this together for your next bonding activity.


For this very easy DIY minion nail art, you’ll need:

  • Yellow nail polish
  • Blue nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Dotting tool


Step 1: Do the Base

Start by applying base coat on your nails. This will help protect and maintain the health of nails. Then, proceed with coating them with yellow nail polish. Just seeing the color would remind anyone of minions, right? For a thick coverage, add two to three coats.

DIY Easy Minion Nail Art Tutorial | Perfect For Your Kids!

Step 2: Blue Line

Next, paint a blue line at the tip of your nail. Think French manicure but of thicker line. Don’t worry if the line doesn’t turn out perfect. Just make sure it doesn’t look messy.


Step 3: Black Line

On the top part of your nail, draw two rectangular shape on each side. It’s a lot thinner and shorter than the blue line you just did. Apply two to three coats of the black nail polish for clarity.

DIY Easy Minion Nail Art Tutorial | Perfect For Your Kids!

Step 4: Eye

By this time, your minion nail art should be taking form already. Add a circle using the gray nail polish in between the black lines. This will serve as the base of the eye of your minion. Let it dry.

DIY Easy Minion Nail Art Tutorial | Perfect For Your Kids!

Step 5 : Smile

As any nail art, the devil is in the details so to speak. So, to create a minion nail art that’s truly reminiscent of the cartoon character make sure you add specific details. Start with drawing a smile. To create this, use the black nail polish.


Step 5: Eye Detailing

Now that the gray circle is dry, add a smaller circle in white nail polish on top of it. Wait again until it dries. Then add the pupil on top of this. Use the smallest dotting tool to add a very small circle in the middle.

DIY Easy Minion Nail Art Tutorial | Perfect For Your Kids!

Step 5: Top Coat

Protect your minion nail art by applying a colorless top coat. This will also give the design a glossy finish. And, you’re done!


Finished product

And there you have it! Your too cute and adorable minion nail art is done! Don’t you just love this?



Check out the full video tutorial to this minion nail art from Cute Polish:

There’s so much cuteness with this minion nail art. You can actually paint all of your nails with minions, alternate them or add other characters from Despicable Me. The choice is up to you. Are you loving this cartoon character? You might also want to try this Frozen nail art.


Do you have more cartoon character nail art ideas? Share them with me in the comment box below. Visit my Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook page as well for more amazing nail design ideas.


Featured Image via Demelza’s World

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