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You Must Try This Mesmerizing Aquarium Nail Art Tutorial

Aquarium nail art designs are taking the industry by storm! It’s an aquarium yes, but it’s not anything like those nasty glass enclosure for poor sea creatures. This design is more like snow globes that bring happy memories! Can you imagine something that pretty on your nails? I know! It’s crazy right?! But it’s possible and it’s not actually super hard. It takes more effort but I tell you it’s super worth it and you’ll definitely love it.

Let’s go have some fun! Bring pretty images to your nails with this mesmerizing aquarium nail art design.

You Must Try This Mesmerizing Aquarium Nail Art Tutorial

You can do so much with acrylic nails but this design is one of the gorgeous ones I’ve seen so far. Aquarium nail art isn’t your usual pretty nail design. It’s created to look like a mini aquarium on your nails!

This aquarium nail art tutorial may need a bit more effort than normal manicures but it’s totally worth it! Grab your acrylic powder and nail shaper and let’s create something wonderful.


What you’ll need for your aquarium nail art:

  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic brush
  • Nail buffer and filer
  • Two Clear tips for each nail
  • Glitters – color of your choice
  • Water
  • Syringe
  • Rhinestones, gems or swarovski crystals


Step 1: Shape Your Base Nail

You Must Try This Mesmerizing Aquarium Nail Art Tutorial

Attach a clear tip to your nail and buff it up to even out the edges. Don’t forget to file the edges of your acrylic nail into the shape and length you want.


Step 2: Add A Second Clear Tip

After getting the shape you’re aiming for, cut and shape another clear tip to fit your nail. Using an acrylic, seal the edges of your nail to avoid leaks. Make sure to leave a small space between the base nail and the second one. You need this gap for the water effect of your aquarium nail art later on.

I get my clear tips here at Amazon. This particular one is super cheap and it will last you a lifetime! 500 pcs. for $2.77.


Step 3: Add In Glitters


Carefully add glitters into the gap. You can choose whichever color or design you want but you have to make sure not to fill up the entire tank with glitters. Also, the glitters should not be heavy. You need these glitters to move around your aquarium nails.


Step 4: Add Water

Using a syringe, fill the gap with some water. However, you can also use baby oil instead of water. Or you can mix both water and oil.

Don’t fill up the entire nail to give your glitters and the water space to move around.

You Must Try This Mesmerizing Aquarium Nail Art Tutorial

Step 5: Seal In Clear Acrylic Tips

You can now fill in the opening with your remaining acrylic. After it dries up, gently buff your nail to even out the bumps.

After brushing off the dust from the buffing and filing, sanitize your nail with rubbing alcohol.


Step 6: Glam It Up

Add in some rhinestones and other accents like Swarovski crystals to glam up your aquarium nail art! Use a small amount of nail glue with some acrylic powder to stick them on your nail.


Step 7: Add Gel Glaze

Finally, apply a gel glaze and cure for two minutes under a UV lamp to give your aquarium nail art a glossy, clear look similar to glass enclosures. Apply on top of the nail and underneath it. Don’t cover the rhinestones with gel polish so that they don’t lose their shine and shape.

You Must Try This Mesmerizing Aquarium Nail Art Tutorial

Tadah! You now have an aquarium nail art!

I just can’t stop staring at this beautiful piece of art!

Watch the full tutorials from The Nails Queen below!

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