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23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

When the sun comes out to play, it’s time to bring out your fun beach nail art! Complete your summer look with the perfect nail design. Check out this list of awesome ideas you can use for your look this season!

Look Great This Summer With Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

Summer is just around the corner! It’s time to bring out the best summer outfits from our closet. However, if you’re like me who likes to coordinate all of my looks with my accessories, then it’s also time to browse through my list of fun beach nail art ideas!

Trust me, the best bikinis, flip flops and sundresses wouldn’t be complete without a cute beach nail art! Decide if you want to have adorable sea creatures, cool seascapes or ambient sunsets on your nails with this list.


1. Starfish on the Beach

Blue and white are refreshing colors to look at, and you can recreate the scene you see on the beach with these colors: starfish and water! Add some gold glitter for the sand as well!

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

2. Starfish

I just love holo! And blue holo looks perfect to recreate the ocean. Make this nail art more interesting by adding some adorable starfish.

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

3. Ocean Nails

Yes, you can have the seas and shores at your fingertips as well! Use glitter as sand at the tips and green, blue and white ombre for the sea. Add white clouds and some flying birds and you’ve got the entire beach on your nails.


4. 3D Footprints on the Beach

I just love 3D nail art and what better way to use it than creating footprints on the sand! You just need to use gel nails, a UV lamp, and acrylic paint to achieve this cool effect.

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

5. Electric Summer Triangles

A trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete without a bonfire party! With an awesome DJ spinning rave music, colorful strobe lights and overflowing alcohol, you need to have this electric design on your fingertips.


6. Purple Sunset Beach Nail Art

Summers always have the best sunsets. Although most sunsets have a reddish orange hue, this wonderful nail art uses a purple night instead.

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

7. Beach Ball Half Moons

Beach balls mean beach games and fun. Beach volleyball becomes popular during summer and time spent with friends on the beach wouldn’t be complete without it. Painting volleyballs on your nails would definitely get you excited to hit the beach soon!


8. Anchor and Turtles

Anchors and turtles – they go well together. Paint some on your nails with matching stripes and white base to really bring out the fun this summer. Make it, even more, fun with glitters!

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

9. Black-Eyed Susan 3D Floral Nail Art

While most flowers blooming may signal spring, seeing sunflowers always give me summer feels. Paint some on your nails to really enjoy your beach escapade!

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

10. Anchors Away!

Nautical designs are always trendy for summer. Make it more interesting by adding your favorite sea creature! It can be a whale, a starfish or even an octopus. It’s totally up to you!


11. Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Tail | Fun Beach Nail Art Designsa

Mermaids are mystical and fascinating. Most women (myself included) would experience being one even once in their lives! Get the next best thing with these mermaid nails.


12. Under the Sea: Octopus

You can centralize your design with just one nail and continue its details to the others, like the design above. With eight tentacles to work with, an octopus is certainly the perfect sea creature to try out for this technique!

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

13. Kiss My Face Sunscreen

One thing you can’t forget to bring to the beach (aside from your bathing suit), is sunscreen! Playing under the sun can be fun but sunburned skin isn’t. Remind yourself of that with this sunscreen inspired nail art.

14. Warm Sunset

Ombre designs are easy to do. Not only that, they also look super pretty on your nails! Add a palm tree and some birds to create a warm summer sunset design.

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

15. Glittery Sands

Sand glitter when hit by sunrise. That’s why using glitter to represent it on your beach nail art design is just perfect! Add some crystals and 3D shells to make this design a bit more elegant!

16. Fishy Fingers to ‘The Starry Night’

Sea creatures live in the ocean and watching them move can be quite fascinating. This nail art design shows how artistic their movements can be.

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

17. Aquarium Nails

Have you ever tried getting aquarium nails? They might be a tedious today but the finished design is totally worth it. You won’t just be enjoying the water on the beach, you’ll also be seeing it inside your nails!

18. Underwater Beauty

Bring the underwater view to your nails by drawing several kinds of fish and sea creatures. Then add details that really make it seem like they’re swimming underwater.

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

19. Something Tropical

When you go to the beach, it’s always nice to bathe in the sun with a cocktail in hand. This design pretty much sums up that laid back feeling. Paint a little cocktail on one finger and the soothing waves on another.

20. Classy Beach Party

Keep it classy with gold studs… and a cold beer! Depict the relaxed atmosphere of the beach but still maintain elegance with gold studs and a design!

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

21. Tie Dye

This style is just terrific – perfecting the design that just says: FUN. Isn’t that what beach and summer is all about anyway? Plus you can make this design using Sharpie nails, too!

22. Seashells

If you have a stamper in your nail art kit, then look for the seashell design to create this simple but pretty design! You can even match the base color with the color of your bikini that day!

23 Fun Beach Nail Art Designs

23. Catch The Waves

Catching the waves is one of the highlights of going to the beach! Show your love for it with this awesome nail art! Just looking at it makes you think to be at sea, doesn’t it?


Take a look at this tutorial from PiggieLuv, to recreate your own footprints on the sand design!

I know there are a lot of other beach nail art designs out there, but you can start with one of the ideas on this list. I’m sure you’ll enjoy recreating them on your or your friend’s nails. Perhaps you can even do manicure session with all of your friends before heading to the beach!

Let me know what you chose from the designs I listed in the comments section below!

Still, want more beach nail art designs? If you like matte, then this bright design will cheer you up some more this summer!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in June 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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