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DIY Mermaid Nails Tutorial | Channel Your Under The Sea Vibes

Savor the last few days of summer at the beach with awesome mermaid nails!  With just five easy steps, you can join the mermaid fashion trend with these pretty nails I made just for you!

Ocean-inspired fashion has been all over the internet recently – from mermaid nails to mermaid crowns. It even took over the Snapchat-favorite flower crown filter for a time. And who can blame these Little Mermaid enthusiasts? Wearing shiny blue and green ombre with crystals galore really does look good on anyone!

Channel Princess Ariel With These Gorgeous Mermaid Nails

Every girl loves Princess Ariel! I definitely do! However, we can’t really turn ourselves into mermaids and start singing under the sea. Thankfully, there are other ways to channel the spirited Disney princess and enjoy your time at the beach this summer!

Follow my tutorial and get wonderful mermaid nails that’s so ready for your last few days at the beach this summer! Wow your friends some more by pairing your gorgeous nails with this equally awesome mermaid makeup!


What you’ll need to get wonderful mermaid nails:


Step 1: Protect Nail Edges

Protect Nail Edges | DIY Mermaid Nails Tutorial Channel Your Under The Sea Vibes

First off, you have to protect your nail edges from excess nail polish. Since I’m going to use a makeup sponge to create the ombre effect for the tail, it will no doubt become a bit messy initially.

Cover the edges of your nails with liquid latex after applying your silver base. This will dry up like glue and can easily be taken off once you’re done.


Step 2: Prepare Stencil

Prepare Stencil | DIY Mermaid Nails Tutorial, Channel Your Under The Sea Vibes

To make things super easy, carefully place a mermaid tail stencil on top of your silver base. This will create the silvery scales on the ombre nail art later on.

You can order the mermaid tail stencil on Amazon for $3.75.


Step 3: Prepare Ombre Nail Colors

Prepare Ombre Nail Colors | DIY Mermaid Nails Tutorial, Channel Your Under The Sea Vibes

On a triangle makeup sponge, put a line of shimmery black nail polish, royal blue nail polish, and mint nail polish. The sponge will help blend the colors together to achieve that ombre effect later on.


Step 4: Dab On Mermaid Nail Colors

Now you can dab the polish-filled sponge on top of your nail with the stencil. Depending on the consistency of the lacquer you’ll use, you can dab on as many times as you want. Don’t forget to add more nail polish to the sponge at every coating.

Of course, you can use other colors similar to what you think should a mermaid’s tale look like.

This design posted by Instagram user lonz82 (created by thenailgenius) blended blue and purple for the mermaid tail.

A photo posted by Alona (@lonz82) on


Step 5: Clean Up Nails

Clean Up Nails | DIY Mermaid Nails Tutorial, Channel Your Under The Sea Vibes

After getting the desired ombre effect, pull out the stencil to reflect the silver scales! Doesn’t it look amazing already? However, you’ll still need to clean the edges. Remember the liquid latex you coated your fingers with earlier? It makes cleanup super easy now! Just peel it off and you’re left with gorgeous nails!


Step 6: Don’t Forget The Top Coat

To make this nail art last longer, apply a clear top coat on your ombre mermaid nail design. This will protect the design, especially if you’re planning a special trip to the beach.

I added some 3D gold accents to make my mermaid nails even more fabulous! Doesn’t it look ready for the beach?


Check out the full tutorial below!

Now you can complete your beach look with these gorgeous mermaid nails! You can also change the colors of the scales, if you want a sunnier feel. Use red and yellow to create an orange ombre, like this awesome summer nail art. But before you head off to the sea, don’t forget to share your creation in the comments section below!


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Looking for more gorgeous nail art designs that you can try on your own? 

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