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Sharpie Nail Art Designs You’ll Surely Love

These Sharpie nail art designs will prove you can totally grab the nearest pen and create magic with it! Check out these designs for your next DIY manicure!

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Fun Sharpie Nail Art Designs You’ll Want to Try

Nail Art With Sharpie Markers

Who says you can’t use other materials to get that salon-finish manicure? From marbling to galaxy nails, you can do anything with Sharpie nail art!

They even have metallic, 80s glam, electropop, neon, and pastel markers. Imagine what you can do with your manicure with those colors!

While other nail designs use acrylic paint and a very fine brush, it’s still very hard to draw on a very tiny canvas. But with a Sharpie, you can have a more stable grip for sketching your designs.

Check out these Sharpie nail art designs that you can try for yourself!

1. Marble


I’ve shared a tutorial on water marbling but it’s not just restricted to using nail polish or acrylic paint! Markers can definitely do the job, too!

2. Colorful Tulips


Like the rainbow roses, these tulips look absolutely stunning with a colorful Sharpie base coat. Drawing the flowers on is also a lot easier when you’re using a marker instead of a brush on such a small surface.

3. Love Sharpie Design


One of the best ways to use a Sharpie on your manicure is to scribble words on your nails! You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s to come for this cute design.

4. Black Nails With Gold Accent


Get a bit classy with some gold markers! Who would have thought this design used Sharpie markers?

The nail art is so intricate and I’m really impressed with how it looks classy even without much effort. Check out the tutorial here.

5. Watercolor Design

Another interesting way to use Sharpies is by using alcohol to dilute the ink. This will create that watercolor effect on your manicure.

Make the colors more washed out by adding more rubbing alcohol. Check out how this design was done, so you can recreate it.

6. Side French Tip


French tips are made easier with markers! You wouldn’t have to worry about messy or uneven lines.

You only have to make sure your hands are steady.

7. Chevron Style


With the right combination of colors, your chevron nails can look amazing! Try different shades—metallic tones, neon, pastel—discover something special with your own version of chevron nail art.

Those edges and lines will be easier to manage with Sharpie markers.

8. Tie-Dye Sharpie Nails


Having a bunch of Sharpie colors is perfect for a tie-dye project! It may be a bit of work to do, but the end result of your tie-dye sharpie nails would be so worth it!

9. Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nails are not only pretty, but they can also be a test of your DIY manicure skills! And that’s using regular nail polish.

This design recreated space and all its wonderful colors using Sharpies! Do you want to try it out?

10. Rainbow Roses


If you have a whole packet of markers handy, then why not use them on all your nails? Add a rose design, and you have a beautiful garden on your nails!

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11. Coachella Sharpie Nails


Music isn’t the only important aspect of music festivals. Fashion has played a huge role in the past couple of years.

Look your best with these Coachella-ready nails using Sharpies!

12. Round and Round Sharpie Nail Art


Once you’ve mastered the Sharpie marbling or watercolor technique, you can now experiment with designs. Try adding in some simple designs like this circular design using some tape and you’ll be good to go!

13. Pink and Purple


If you’re not up for a rainbow on your nails, pick out two or three colors and blend them out. Just like this fantastic pink and purple number!

14. Dreamcatcher Gel Sharpie Nails


Two of my favorite things in life are dreamcatchers and gel polish. Add in some colorful Sharpie shades and I’m totally hooked!

The cute dreamcatcher is stamped on the Sharpie-nail base with a tiny crystal stud to make it shine.

15. Sharpie Chrome Nails

Sharpie and chrome powder? Yes, they can go together and an epic effect at that!

Metallic chrome nail powder and sharpie markers will give your nails that mesmerizing beauty and shine.

16. Metallic Gold Sharpie


This beautiful reflective gold paint for nail accenting is easy to use, and it stays after adding the topcoat.

If you make a mistake with the Sharpie, gently wipe with rubbing alcohol and your polish is still intact without a smudge. It looks great on both white or black nail polish.

17. Valentine Sharpie


Talk about simple but elegant. This nail art is pretty straightforward from the looks of it: red base color and the word l-o-v-e spelled out written with a black nail art pen.

You can also use liquid eyeliner to write the letters in thin lines. The little balloon hearts on the thumbs are a bright idea, too.

18. Pink Striped Nails


There are times when you’re not in the mood of thinking about new nail art designs, and yet you’re also bored with the same white nail polish. How about adding pink stripes with your Sharpie?

It’s so simple but still looks pretty!

19. Wood Look Sharpie

Want some really interesting nail art? Learn how to make a gorgeous wood effect on your nails using sharpies.

It’s a unique design that makes your nails look natural and earthy.

20. Skull Nail Sharpie


It’s way too early for a Halloween manicure but let me show you this cool neon nail art just for the fun of it. The vivid color of fine point neon markers is great for making skull designs.

Of course, you have to start with white nail polish then apply a bit of hairspray after using the neon marker to prevent the Sharpie manicure from smearing.

21. Smudged Lines Nail Art


You know how we don’t want our precious nail polish to smudge. Well, guess what. This time, we will use smudging to create beautiful nail art with a unique touch of stylish print.

Thanks to Sharpies, the half-and-half nail trend has added another funky idea for nail art designs!

22. Newsprint Sharpie Nail Art


If you want to try a vintage looking design for your nails, this newsprint Sharpie hack is just perfect. It’s another wonderful nail art to do with Sharpies with a unique blend of floral designs

It’s even great for special occasions!

This nail design may look complicated but check the tutorial out and find out that it’s something you can actually do.

23. Back to School Nail Sharpie Design


Here’s a cute design for nail art teen lovers! The idea is to include a school-related design for each nail with silly notes, notebook paper, math equation stamp, and cute little birds delivering notes—all of which is a reminder of the memorable things in a school environment.

Have fun nail art lovers!

Sharpie Nail Art Designs You'll Surely Love

Interested in trying the watercolor Sharpie nail art design yourself? Check out the tutorial from Simply Nailogical below:

While I do love lacquer and all the elegant colors I can get from them, I do like to experiment once in a while. The neon shade in Sharpie nail art designs spell fun and I can’t pass that up. There’s also some comfort in freehand drawing using a steady pen.

Interested in this as well? Go find some Sharpies and start coloring your nails!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy. 

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