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Gel Nails

manicure master make nail extension gel | Gel Nail Extensions Facts You Should Know | Featured
Gel Nail Extensions Facts You Should Know
Having gel nail extensions done on your nails is a great alternative to other nail enhancements for many reasons. Learn why other nail aficionados are loving this trend and see if it fits your style! RELATED: What Are Soak Off Gel Nails & Why You Need To Try It Gel Nail Extensions | Why It's a Must-Try…
Difference Between Shellac And Gel Nails | Face-Off: Shellac vs Gel | Featured
Nail Face-Off: Shellac Vs Gel, What’s The Difference And Similarities?
Shellac or gel? That's a question we ask ourselves at one point on our nail care journey. While both polish types have their pros and cons, let's find out which one will better suit your own style and expectations, and put an end to the wild shellac vs gel debate. RELATED: What Are Soak Off Gel…
5 Best Gel Nail Polish Brands To Add To Your Shopping List
If you've been on the prowl for the best gel nail polish on the market, worry no more, because we've rounded them up for you! Gel nails have been a hot commodity in the nail polish industry ever since it took the market by storm many many years ago. Even though there have been plenty of developments…
6 At-Home Gel Nail Kit Must-Haves
If you enjoy the process of doing gel nails, then these products should be part of your gel nail kit. So instead of going to the nail salon, here are the things you need to have or added in your wish list. RELATED: 7 Cool Gel Nail Design Ideas To Copy At-Home Gel Nail Kit | Best…
7 Cool Gel Nail Design Ideas To Copy
It's no secret gel nail has the nicest finish. So if you're going to a gala, prom, or some extravagant event, gel nails will surely fit with your outfit. So if you want your nails to look at its finest, try out these five amazing gel nail designs! RELATED: Gel Nails Tutorial | 5 Easy Steps…
10 Stylish Ways to Wear Black Nail Polish
Black nail polish is the perfect compliment for any outfit. They say once you go black you never go back, and when you see these amazing black, nail polish designs you'll definitely understand why!

Black Nail Polish- 10 Stylish designs

1.Black Matte

To be honest, I personally have a love/hate relationship with matte nail polish in general, but I must admit it looks really nice in black. The creative studded elements, intricate patterns, and grey shades takes this design up a notch.

2.Black Stiletto

The only thing cuter than stiletto nails, are stiletto nails painted black and nude. These are super cute thanks to the cool tribal pattern.

3.Black and Gold

If you like to blend in with the crowd, then this over-the-top nail design is NOT for you! With a mixture of burgundy, tribal patterns, gold and silver studs along with diamond stones, you'll definitely turn heads with this intricate display.

4.Black Leopard

I'll go out on a limb and say this person really, really, really loves leopard.  The animalistic vibe, which includes elements of a leopard's face, is further enhanced by the signature black touches throughout.

5.Black Stripes

For the girl who really wants to make a statement there's no better way to do it than with bold black stripes and swirls. We see you girl; we see you!

6.Black Gloss With Gold Tips

Nothing says classy and classic like glossy black nails with gold tips. The pointy stiletto trend gives it a fresh, updated feel and these colors are perfect for any season.

7.Black Polka Dot

A throwback to the 50s but with an updated feel, these polka dot nails are fun and funky!

8.Black Sparkle

Ultra glamorous and over-the-top ala Mariah Carey or Jlo. These sparkely black and silver nails are perfect for a posh affair like a red carpet event or a wedding.

9. Patterned Black

This intricate black and white pattern is both cute and edgy at the same time- a feat not easily accomplished.

10. Classy Black

Ideal for the woman who wants something pretty, but not too girly; this design is the perfect balance. The beautiful floral pattern atop the glossy black makes it perfect for a classy affair.
DIY Gel Polish Nail Remover Without Breaking The Bank
Make your own DIY gel polish nail remover without having to break the bank! Let me share some simple methods that will effectively take off gel polishes. Don’t worry; these won’t hurt your natural nails either!