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18 Most Pinned Diamond Nails On Pinterest

Diamond nails are among the top pick of nail art among ladies these days. From simple to over-the-top, the choices for this design is so varied. If you check on social media, the showcased artistry is so diverse for this art. In this post, I’ll show you 18 of the most pinned diamond nails on Pinterest.

Diamonds are said to be the girls’ best friend. This even translates to choice in nail designs as there are more and more ladies choosing to showcase their love for diamonds via nail art. There are those who opt to attach real bling to their nails while others are quite satisfied with having the shape of the diamond drawn on their nails. No matter the preference, the main point is it’s all about diamond nails.

18 Most Pinned Diamond Nails On Pinterest

I’m one of those guilty of frequently sporting diamond nails. The designs are limitless plus I get to show off diamonds in ways that depend on my mood. I also have a growing number of clients who are so fascinated with this nail art.

The social media has become a popular gallery of diamond nails artistry. I turn to this for inspiration to create a design I can call my own. And there’s no better way to celebrate my inspiration than sharing with you 18 of the most pinned diamond nails on Pinterest.


1. Purple Diamond

A photo posted by Lexa (@glitterfingersss) on

Nail art with diamond figures is possibly one of the more complex designs you can have for your nail art. Nonetheless, the result is stunningly amazing!


2. Fierce Pink

A photo posted by dailycharme (@daily_charme) on

Add more dimension to your stiletto nails by bringing in the bling. Cover your nail with diamonds like this design.


3. White and Crystal Bling

Wear a mix of simple and elaborate with this diamond nails design. The white base topped with a simple stud paired with a fully studded nails  is definitely a must-try.


4. Studded Neutral

A photo posted by Matte Queen (@nailsbymztina) on

Diamond nails may be simple as proven by this design in neutral shades. The matte finish and added bling add more personality in this chic  nail. art.


5. Coffin Nails

This diamond nails design looks spotless using only white and colorless topcoat along with some studs.


6. Pink and Diamond

Bring out your super feminine side with a combination of soft pink and diamonds. Add some glitters for a more interesting mix.


7. Flower Diamond Nails

The design takes nail art to a different level by mixing flowers and diamonds. The flower drawings pop out even more with the use of diamonds for its details.


8. Mixed Bling

Different shaped and sizes of stones were utilized to achieve this extravagant-looking nails. Nude nail polish serves a perfect backdrop for the design.


9. French Tip Hearts

Bored of the usual French tip? This diamond nails design shows how to take the classic favorite may be given a beautiful twist.


10. Hot Pink and Diamond

#hotpinknails #pinknails #pink #swarovskicrystals #swarovski #blingnails #blingbling

A video posted by Gabriela Santana (@gabyscreativeworld) on

Which girl wouldn’t love hot pink and diamonds? The design is all but girly!


11. Matte Purple and Diamond Glitters

Matte and diamond glitters are the perfect combination as shown by this diamond nails design. Simple yet stunning.


12. Color Combo Nails

Combining colors make an interesting nail design but placing studs takes the art to a whole new level. Copy this diamond nails in this tutorial from Bad Girl Nails.


13. Inspiration Nail

Take inspiration from a nail art that took inspiration from a fashion necklace. The hues of purple together with white and diamonds is reminiscent of the jewelry.


14. Pastel Nail

Thinking about pastel being too cute for you? Well, this diamond nails design in yellow and white is definitely giving some attitude.


15. Glitter and Grey

Even those with short nails can rock the diamond nails design. Here’s one proof showing diamond glitters is certainly on point even with short nails.


16. Black Luxe

The dark base of this nail art brings out the shine of the gems.


17. All Glitters

How can one mistake this for nothing but diamond nails? It’s an in-your-face design that screams shiny and glittery.


18. Chunky Stud

This combination of gold and diamonds is all about luxury. The taupe polish is a great finish to chunky studs on the nails.


Ready to try your own diamond nails? Check this video from Trendy Polish:

How about you? Which of these nail designs are you loving? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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