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17 Cute Toe Nail Designs You’ll Gush About For Days

Manicures would be incomplete without pedicures! Check out these super cute toe nail designs that will complete your look from head to toe!

When we talk about nail art, we usually only focus on manicures. They’re easily seen. Not to mention fingernails have a relatively larger space to design on compared to toenails. With the exception of the big toe nail, drawing on tiny toes can be a pain sometimes.

However, there are a lot of cute nail art ideas that will definitely catch some attention!

17 Cute Toe Nail Designs You’ll Gush About For Days

Complete your overall look with these super cute toe nail designs! And you don’t have to slave over them to make them look perfect! These ideas will definitely make your feet look put-together and adorable.

Check out these awesome toe nail designs below!


1. 3D Wedding Gown Pedi

Who says you can’t show off your pedicure on your wedding day? This cute 3D wedding gown design is just perfect for open sandals or peep-toe heels. It also looks elegant but subtle enough not to take away attention from your overall look for that special day.

17 Cute Toe Nail Designs You'll Gush About For Days

2. Pokemon

Pokemon Go may be taking over the world but you can easily catch all of ’em with your feet with this awesome nail design! Paint your favorite character on your toenails and master them all!


3. Colorful Nails

If you can’t decide which color to put on your toes, try this colorful design! Add some polka dots and gold accents and you’re good to go!


4. Cute Roses

Whether it’s stamped or hand-drawn, roses or any kind of flowers always look pretty on nails! Try to replicate this design by following this tutorial. Although it’s mainly for fingernails, you can try and paint it on your toenails.

17 Cute Toe Nail Designs You'll Gush About For Days

5. Tribal Design

Tribal designs are not only colorful, they are also fun to do! Try this Aztec design tutorial on your toe nails!


6. Shattered Glass

Shattered glass nails look like they’d be complicated to do. However, according to this tutorial, it’s actually really easy!


7. Emoji

Send some good vibes to everyone with this adorable emoji toe nail design! The big toe nail is a perfect canvas for smileys, don’t you think? Try this smiley nail art tutorial from Cute Polish!


8. Line Design

Don’t have a whole lot of time to do your toe nail designs? Try putting in horizontal and vertical lines, either black, white or in different colors, on your nails to create this design.


9. Butterfly Toenail Art

Take your floral toe nail design a step further by adding in a butterfly. This design from Nailbees put a 3D butterfly in the design to make it standout! Don’t they look wonderful?


10. Simple White Petals

There’s something about simple designs that make them look really attractive. This simple white petal design on pink toe nails used a strand of hair, believe it or not! Check out the tutorial here.

17 Cute Toe Nail Designs You'll Gush About For Days

11. Lines And Pink Heart

Here’s another relatively simple design using horizontal lines. Adding a small pink heart near the corner gives it that cute punch. Learn how to recreate this here.


12. Black And White

If you don’t like bright colors, try this black and white design instead. Add in a small bow to make it more feminine.


13. Glittered Pink

Shellac nails have become the trend in manicures and pedicures lately. This glittered pink design won’t easily chip off! Learn more about Shellac here.


14. Neon Orange With Rhinestones

Keep your pedicure simple but attractive with neon orange nail polish. Add some pearls to give it depth.


15. Blue and White

For the blue-lovers out there, this royal blue pedicure looks incredible with white leaf designs. You can also switch it up and use lace outlines instead of leaves.

17 Cute Toe Nail Designs You'll Gush About For Days

16. Dazzling and Blooming

Another way to keep yourself positive is to read empowering words all the time. This design actually embedded the words ‘dazzling’ and ‘blooming’ on the nails!


17. Black And White Whale Design

If you’re missing summer, this black white whale design is just the design to remind you of your favorite season! You can add in some more nautical items like in this tutorial to make it more reminiscent of the sea.


Are you excited to try out some of these toe nail designs? Learn how to make one design yourself! Follow this tutorial from Yagala S to recreate the line and heart design mentioned above.

Have you tried doing any of the toe nail arts mentioned above? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Need more cute nail art design ideas? See this list about some amazing nail art using Sharpie pens!

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