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[Tutorial] Have Fun and Find Dory with this Easy Disney Nail Art Tutorial

We’ve all seen Dory first in the “Finding Nemo” movie last 2003. We’ve all learned to love and adore her in that movie. And finally, after a few years of waiting, the much-awaited “Finding Dory” was released in theaters this year. A perfect tribute to show ho much I love Dory is through this Disney nail art tutorial.

[Tutorial] Have Fun and Find Dory with this Easy Disney Nail Art Tutorial

Being a Dory fan since 2003, I’ve always adored her for having such a big heart and being such a good fish friend. To show how much Dory inspires me, I’ll be taking on a Disney nail art tutorial from cutepolish. I don’t do a lot of cartoon nail art designs, but today, I’ll be making an exception. So let’s get started!




  • To be able to have colors such as light orange, just mix white + orange acrylic paint.
  • To make the dark orange color, mix red + orange acrylic paint.
  • To have pale yellow color, mix white + yellow acrylic paint.



Step 1: Base Coat

Start with OPI natural base coat to protect the natural nails[Tutorial] Have Fun and Find Dory with this Easy Disney Nail Art Tutorial

Step 2: Sandwich Bubble Design

a. Apply Essie blanc polish on the top part of the nail using a piece of makeup sponge.

b.  Add dots with Essie blanc polish by using a dotting tool.

c. Add Picture Polish cyan on top.

d. Repeat the same steps to create a few layers of bubbles.

e. Add a coat of Picture Polish festival to add a bit of sparkle in to it.


Step 3: Dory

a. Apply Essi blanc to your nail.

b. Next, apply Picture Polish freya’s cats over it.

c. Create Dory’s eyes using Liquitex titanium white acrylic paint and a large dotting tool. Use a thin paint brush to make the eyes bigger until you’re satisfied with it.

d. Paint her fins still with Liquitex titanium white acrylic paint.

e. Add the black part of Dory’s eyes with a dotting tool and a Liquitex Mars Black acrylic paint.

f. Draw the eyebrows and mouth.


Step 4: Highlights

[Tutorial] Have Fun and Find Dory with this Easy Disney Nail Art Tutorial

a. Apply yellow(Sargent art acrylic paint) and black (Liquitex Mars Black) paint to dory’s fins.

b. Add freckles on her face with the aqua acrylic paint.


Step 5: Nemo

a. Apply the autumn polish to your nail.

b. Paint his eyes in the same way as Dory’s with Liquitex titanium white acrylic paint.

c. Draw a curved line for his head.

d. Draw a few lines for the fin, make sure to draw his lucky fins smaller than the other fin.

e. Use Decoart dark chocolate acrylic paint and a dotting tool for his inner eyes. And add a small white dot on each eye.

f. Add the mouth and highlight the necessary areas with Ddecoart dark chocolate acrylic paint.


Step 6: Hank

a. Draw the outline shown in the picture with liquitex titanium white acrylic paint. Make sure to fill in the inside.

b. Then paint with light orange.

c. Using Picture Polish ‘autumn’, paint the eyes, outside of the tentacles, and Hank’s body.

d. Add white to the eyes, and draw a line under the bottom eyelids.

e. Using a small dotting tool or a tip of a brush, add some dots to his tentacles.

f. Add a dot of Aqua Acrylic Paint to his eyes and add the eyelids with light orange paint.


Step 7: Top Coat

Add Picture Polish ‘gloss on top’ top coat to seal in your designs and add a beautiful shine.

[Tutorial] Have Fun and Find Dory with this Easy Disney Nail Art Tutorial

And you’re all done!



You can watch below the full video tutorial from Andy of Cute Polish:

Tell us how recreating this Disney nail art design went by leaving a comment down below. Happy painting!


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