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[Tutorial] The New Instagram Logo Nail Design That’ll Get You Hooked Up

Buckle up, nail enthusiasts! I’m bringing in a new tutorial you’re going to fall in love with! Have you seen the new Instagram nail design? I think it’s pretty amazing and I am absolutely obsessed with it! I might try it out myself too when the weekend comes! Meanwhile, let’s go check this nail art tutorial from snowbubblemonster:

[Tutorial] The New Instagram Logo Nail Design That’ll Get You Hooked Up

Have Totally Instagram-Worthy Nails!

We’ve seen how Instagram grew over the years, we’ve also seen how this social media app is making its rounds in some magazines, blogs, newspapers, and how it’s being made to candies, toys, cushions, and even as cake toppers, too! So today we are taking on a different category, we are going to learn how to paint this design on our nails! Now let’s get started!




Design 1: Color Splash

For your first design, use a makeup sponge to randomly dab 3 polishes on each nail.

Tip: Apply base coat first,  then paint all your nails with white polish as this will be your base color.

[Tutorial] The New Instagram Logo Nail Design That'll Get You Hooked Up

Design 2: Instagram Layout

For  Instagram nail design, start by concentrating the blue polish on the upper left corner of your nail. Then apply yellow polish on the bottom left corner of your nail. Then, cover the rest of the nail with pink polishContinue to apply the three colors (blue, yellow, pink) in thin layers until opaque.


a. Orange Polish

Once opaque, start applying the orange polish over the yellow and pink colors. Apply the purple polish over the blue and pink colors to make a gradient effect. Don’t forget to clean up around the nail if necessary.

Tip: Fill in the white areas with the appropriate color.

b. Top Coat

Apply top coat over your design to make the surface smooth and easier to paint over.


c. Instagram Logo

Once that’s dry, start painting the Instagram logo on your nail.

[Tutorial] The New Instagram Logo Nail Design That'll Get You Hooked Up

Design 3: Two Hearts

For your third and last design, paint two hearts with a white nail polish on your thumbnail.


And you’re all done!

Apply top coat to seal in your designs, and you’re all set and done!


You can watch the full video tutorial below:

Yayyy! Now you’ve got Instagram-worthy nails! How do you like this quirky new nail design? Do tell  by leaving a thought or two in the comment box down below. Happy painting!

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