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NexGen Nails | What Is This Latest Nail Trend?

If you’re a fan of gorgeous nail art, but not acrylic, then NexGen nails are the answer to your prayers! You just have to dip your nails into a special powder to get a gorgeous manicure!

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In this article:

  1. What Is NexGen Nails?
  2. NexGen Nails vs SNS
  3. NexGen Nails Pros
  4. NexGen Nails Cons
  5. I Tried It for the First Time and This Is My Verdict

NexGen Nails: A Better Alternative to Your Regular Mani?

What Is NexGen Nails?

Thanks to innovations in the lacquer industry, you don’t need to sacrifice your natural nail beds just to get long gorgeous nails anymore. NexGen nails promise no damage to natural nails when applied and could last longer than other false nail application.

For some of those who have already tried it, they’ve had theirs on for as long as a month and a half without any complaints. However, it all depends on how fast your natural nails grow. It’s also faster and more enjoyable to do than normal manicures.

Here are some details you’ll need to know before trying out NexGen Nails.

NexGen Nails vs SNS

Hands and spa relaxing, beauty woman nails | NexGen Nails | What Is This Latest Nail Trend? | Nexgen nails near me

So, what’s the difference between NexGen and other nail dipping system like SNS? Well, they are different brands with the same concept.

NexGen and SNS are in powder form applied to your nails with glue. Both brands dipping systems follow the same nail prep routine and procedure.

NexGen can last up to four weeks or longer while SNS will give you two to three weeks without cracking and fading.

NexGen Nails Pros 

1. It Looks and Feels Natural

Beyond looking natural, NexGen guarantees its product feels natural as well. Some users even claim it feels like it’s part of their body–a second skin or coat to the nails.

2. It Is Chip-Free

While it is lightweight and flexible, it is also durable and strong since it is water-resistant. So, patrons need not worry about chipping and cracking.

3. It Has Health Benefits

NexGen nails ensure the natural nails remain strong. It is fortified with calcium and vitamin E keeping your nails healthy.

4. It Is Odor Free

While the product is water-resistant, attaching it still allows the natural nails to breathe. Aside from not causing any damage, it is also odor-free.

5. No UV Light

Unlike your regular gel polish, NexGen doesn’t use UV lights to seal the color to your nails. So, bye-bye damages to your nails and nail bed.

6. You Can Still Apply Nail Designs

Worried about your color options? NexGen boasts a selection of nail colors for you to choose from.

Besides, you can still apply nail polish on top and enjoy your favorite nail designs.

7. It is Reasonably Priced

NexGen costs around $35 to $50, a true value for your money, indeed. While the regular acrylic nails will cost you around $20, you have to make three or more salon visits in a month.

If you visit the nail salon at the first sign of chipping, you will have spent more in the long run with acrylic nails or gel polish.

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NexGen Nails Cons

1. Nail Preparation Takes Time

Closeup of beautiful woman hands getting manicure in spa salon | NexGen Nails | What Is This Latest Nail Trend? | what is nexgen nails

You can say, the preparation process is one of the downsides to this nail design system. It takes time, and uncomfortable for many.

While every manicure and pedicure should be properly prepped before anything else, here’s how the nail technician prepares your nails:

  • Sanitize the hands first
  • Remove the shine from the nail bed using a fine sand band
  • Drill* the nail gently and with as little pressure as possible
  • Once done with your nail prep, shape the tips of the NexGen nails using a nail file to take out the shine
  • Brush the nails to clean it from any residue
  • Apply prep base and base coat
  • Dip the nails in the dipping powder
  • Apply top coat

Note*: For those with sensitive cuticles or nails, the nail technician uses a cuticle pusher instead of a drill.

2. Removing the Application Takes Time

Not only is the preparation time long and uncomfortable, but it also takes time to remove the color. While you may remove the color on your own, I highly suggest you should not.

Word on the street is, picking on it yourself could potentially make your nails thinner. Leave it to the experts at your nail salon instead.

Since the NexGen nails stay up to a month or more, let your nail tech do the removing on your next nail salon visit.

If you need to take care of it yourself for some reason, here is how:

  • Buff your nails and sand off the shine with a buffer
  • Clip your nails as short as possible
  • Soak* your nails for 15 minutes in pure acetone or soak for 35 minutes in nail polish remover
  • Use an orange stick to scrape off remaining NexGen nail polish
  • Do this again until the application is removed

Note*: You can use cotton balls soaked in pure acetone or nail polish remover. Wrap them with aluminum foil on your fingertips so you can still move around.

You must do this as seldom as possible since pure acetone can be strong and you will be buffing away a good portion of your nail surface.

I Tried It for the First Time and This Is My Verdict

So, I went and looked for NexGen nails near me. Unsurprisingly, it is now widely offered in nail salons.

Luckily, I got a nail technician I was easy with and chatted away most of what I knew about NexGen. Now, on my brand new NexGen nails, I must admit it felt weird because it was a little too thick for me.

Funnily enough, I still can’t help acting like I had acrylic nails on and was worried about chipping. It took a couple of days to get used to a well-manicured hand able to handle everyday chores.

The good solid four weeks of shine and color on my nails was well worth it. Now, I’m off to my next NexGen nails appointment.

This video from David Hoang will show you how dipping powder ombre nails are done:

The next time you visit the nail salon, you can confidently ask your nail artist to hook you up with NexGen nails. Try it and see the difference.

There are also other products to give you the same effect as NexGen nails. You can try out other dipping powder nail systems or SNS and discover which one suits your style the most.

Whatever nail care you choose for yourself, here’s the best course of action: Know your nail tech and care options, and find someone you can trust with your nails.

Would you consider trying NexGen nails on your next nail salon visit? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 19, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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