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DIY Gel Polish Nail Remover Without Breaking The Bank

Make your own DIY gel polish nail remover without having to break the bank! Let me share some simple methods that will effectively take off gel polishes. Don’t worry; these won’t hurt your natural nails either!

Budget-Friendly DIY Gel Polish Nail Remover

Most people who can’t bother to go to a salon every other week for nail care loves getting gel manicures. They last longer than regular polish and they look incredibly pretty! I have to admit, I also find myself opting for it when I get too busy. However, looking for a DIY gel polish nail remover can be a hassle especially since there aren’t many products released specifically for this purpose. You would have to go to a salon just to get the gel manicure removed.

Although most of the gel manicure services that nail salons offer already include the fees for removal, the rate can be quite steep. Besides, with the emergence of gel polishes and mini UV lamps, you can already have your gel manicures done at home.

Thankfully, there are some DIY alternatives made by practical people specifically for the removal of gel polish with the least cost possible. I’ve gathered some of them and I’m more than eager to share them with you!


1. DIY Foils

Using foil and some acetone-soaked cotton balls is perhaps the most effective DIY gel polish nail remover. It isn’t expensive and if you’re too busy, you won’t have to go out of your way to visit nail salon just to have them remove your manicure.

With this method, you will have to wrap your nails in acetone-soaked cotton balls for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a foil square to keep the cotton balls in place. The acetone will soften the gel polish enough for you to easily rub it off from your finger. If there are still some chunks left, you can soak them in the acetone again or gently peel them off using a wooden scraper.

Don’t forget to remove the shine from the polish first by buffing your nails with a nail file before soaking. Don’t overdo it, however, to avoid damaging your nail bed. Buffing it three to four times is enough to allow the acetone to penetrate the polish.

DIY Gel Polish Nail Remover Without Breaking The Bank

2. Finger Tip Gloves

Finger tip coats can be an alternative to foil. Some people might find it hard to keep the cotton balls in place with the foil squares. Latex finger tip gloves, which you can buy from any pharmacies, keep them in place properly. You can also get them here.

After covering all your fingers in the finger gloves and acetone-soaked cotton, you can dip them in warm water for 20 minutes to further soften the polish. Make sure to rub the cotton around when you peel the tip coats off. Afterwards, use a wooden scraper to get rid of the polish.

DIY Gel Polish Nail Remover Without Breaking The Bank

3. Soak Off

This method only requires two bowls in different sizes, some acetone, warm water and scraper. You only have to place a small bowl filled with acetone in a bigger one containing hot water. Soak your fingers in the acetone for 10 to 20 minutes. When you see the edges starting to separate, you can then use the scraper to slowly peel off the gel polish.

I can’t fully attest to the accuracy of this method but if you find yourself without foil, this can be a good alternative.

DIY Gel Polish Nail Remover Without Breaking The Bank

4. Use Special Nail Remover Solution

One more alternative to using acetone-soaked cotton balls is using No-Rub. It’s a special solution that can remove glitter and other stubborn polish more effectively and efficiently. I’ve used this product with glitter polishes in the past and it worked wonders!

With No-Rub, you only have to dip your nails into the solution. Wrap them in foil for 10-15 minutes then you can easily remove the polish using an orange stick or a metal scraper.


Watch Dulce Candy’s DIY gel polish nail remover at home using Nail Aid’s No-Rub solution below.

How did you find these DIY gel polish nail remover methods? Although acetone does the job, you have to remember that the solution can be quite strong and can dehydrate your natural nails. To avoid any damage, always moisturize your nails after removing gel polish. You can use cuticle oil or even essential oils like olive or coconut oil.


Keep your nails healthy and strong with cuticle oil. Try making this DIY solution which you can use any time on your nails and hands.


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