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Memorial Day Nail Art Tutorials To Show Your Patriotism

There are many creative ways to show your love for the country, and these include fun, colorful Memorial Day nail art designs! Check out these ideas and tutorials.

Memorial Day Nail Art | Fun & Cute Tutorials and Ideas

Are you ready for an awesome Memorial Day long weekend? Whether you’re planning to go to the beach, hike, travel, or meet up with friends, don’t forget to pair your cute outfits with these charming, quirky Memorial Day nail art designs! Not only that, to give you no excuse NOT to give it a try, here’s a quick, easy nail design tutorial for you courtesy of HannahRoxNails.

Nail Art Materials You Need

Step 1 – Be bold with red

First, apply the OPI natural base coat to make sure the color adheres well and you can prevent ugly yellow nails in the long term. After the base coat, layer it with the OPI What’s Your Point-settia? or I Stop for Red.

Step 2 – Attach two pieces of painter’s tape at an angle

The next shade you will work on is silver (or platinum or just plain white, but silver’s cool). To create the V pattern, cut a pair of triangular painter’s tapes, which you need to place at an angle. Make sure they are attached well.

Step 3 – Brighten the nails with silver

Layer the red with the OPI Unfrost My Heart or OPI Silver on Ice. Don’t worry if you go beyond the edges of the painter’s tape. That’s what they’re there for. 🙂 After painting, carefully remove the painter’s tape.

Step 4 – Attach another set of painter’s tape

We’re on our last layer, which is blue. You have to repeat step 2. Take note these are new cut painter’s tapes. Otherwise, you’ll end up smudging your silver color with red!

Step 5 – Then cool the design with blue

Then you coat the remaining uncolored nail with LVX Monaco. Doesn’t the color look so rich? After coating, remove the painter’s tapes.

Step 6 – Polish the edges

By the time you’re done, there will be a few unpolished spaces. Finish the look by using a nail art brush and polishing the edges. Coat the polish with the OPI Top Coat, and you’re done! A chic take on the traditional American-flag-inspired Memorial Day nail art!

Memorial Day Nail Art Tutorials To Show Your Patriotism

More Memorial Day Nail Art Tutorials Right Here!

But seriously, would I ever leave you with one Memorial Day nail art tutorial? Of course not! It’s one of the best seasons to squeeze those creative juices, after all. If you’re looking for more inspiration, then you better browse the list:

1. Nautical-Themed Nail Art

When we speak of Memorial Day weekend, surf, sand, sea, and sun will never be far behind. What better way to be more in tune with the ocean than wear these nautical-themed nails. And look! It’s still red, white, and blue!

2. Glittery Nail Art

Some stones and stickers, and what you have is a glittery nail art. If you want to know the basics of doing this, check this out.

3. Camouflage Nail Art

A combo of different gradients of nail polishes and glitters – and voila! Camo nail art. Although it’s not cutesy, it’s striking, allowing your nails to really stand out.

4. Tropical Fruit Nail Art

Summer is one of the best times to quench your thirst with those fruit smoothies and shakes. And it’s also an amazing time to go tropical with your nails. You just need nail polishes of different bright colors, nail art pens, charms, glue, and a clear top coat. Use the image above for your guide. Don’t forget to be imaginative with your illustrations!

5. Junk Food Nail Art

Hosting a BBQ party? Get those Memorial Day nail art thematic by opting for junk food! Just look at those charming pizza slices, hot dog buns, and fries! Just trying to pick a hot dog? This is also fitting as your Memorial Day nail art.

6. Ombre Nail Art

Make your nails look modern but classy by going ombre. For the ombre nail art basics and some ideas, go here.

7. Fireworks Nail Art

With some artsy swish of the nail polish brushes and a gentle dotting of the nail art brush, and you have this extra-gorgeous fireworks-themed Memorial Day nail.

Memorial Day Nail Art Tutorials To Show Your Patriotism

Want to see the play-by-play Memorial Day nail art tutorial above in full motion? Then watch this video!

Aren’t these Memorial Day nail art designs just beautiful and easy to do? They’re not only a fun way to show your patriotism, but they let you express your creative side too. Talk about getting the most out of the tutorial. 🙂

If you have some Memorial Day nail art ideas or just want to let us know what you think of these designs, don’t forget to leave your comment below! These 4th of July nail designs are perfect for Memorial Day too, so go on and try them. 

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This post was originally published on May 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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