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DIY | Celebrate Hot Dog Day With This Easy Food Nail Art Design

Get into the food nail art design trend with an absolutely cute hot dog manicure that’s perfect for Hot Dog Day!

DIY | Celebrate National Hot Dog Day With This Easy Food Nail Art Design

Nails Looking Good Enough To Gobble Up!

Food nail art has become a thing recently, with enthusiasts painting all kinds of yummy delicacies on their nails. From fruits to fast food staples, having food on your pointers is becoming very popular recently.

With Hot Dog Day fast approaching, it’s a great opportunity for you to paint your nails into the all-time American favorite concession stand snack!

Although Hannah Weir’s nail art tutorial is more of a 4th of July design, her chosen main design, a hot dog in a bun is both cute and very clever. It also helps us learn how to make a rocking hot dog nail art for another event to celebrate!


What you’ll need to make this food nail art:

  • White nail polish
  • Nude nail polish
  • Red nail polish
  • Green nail polish
  • Yellow nail polish
  • Clear top coat


Step 1: Start with A Bun

On a white-based nail, draw an oval shape using a thin brush dipped in nude nail polish. This will serve as the bun in your hot dog food nail art.

Start with a diagonal oblong outline and fill it in to resemble a little bun on your nail.

DIY | Celebrate Hot Dog Day With This Easy Food Nail Art Design

Step 2: Time For The Hot Dog

With a red polish, slowly draw in the hot dog right in the middle of the bun. Make sure to shape the main ingredient to properly portray the juicy red goodness of America’s favorite snack.

DIY | Celebrate Hot Dog Day With This Easy Food Nail Art Design

Step 3: Add Some Relish

Now it’s time for the relish!

Using a green polish, draw a straight line right beside the hot dog. Add some curves and grooves, to make it look more realistic.


Step 4: Mustard Up!

One of the most popular toppings of an American hot dog is definitely the mustard! You can achieve the mustard topping on your hot dog food nail art designs using a yellow polish. Shape it into a zigzag to depict what the mustard would look like in real life.

DIY | Celebrate Hot Dog Day With This Easy Food Nail Art Design

Step 5: Top Coat It

Wait a bit for your nails to dry. After that, use a clear top coat to protect your awesome food nail art from chipping off too quickly.

Additional tip: Dip your nails in ice cold water to help them dry up faster!

You can also use other designs to try on your remaining fingers. This tutorial used red and white stripes and a blue star, making it perfect for a 4th of July celebration, have fun!


Doesn’t it look good enough to eat? Check out the full tutorial from Hannah Weir below!

Find more cute manicure tutorials like this food nail art design at Nail Designs!


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