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21 Yummy Fruit Nail Art Designs On Instagram To Drool Over

Summer may be ending soon but there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate! School is about to start and what better way to welcome the back to school season is through this yummy fruit nail art designs!

Did you get to enjoy your favorite tropical fruits last summer? With the season almost over, watermelons, kiwis, mangoes and other summer fruits won’t be easy to find anymore. That’s why I decided to look for the best-looking fruit nail art to enjoy them a little longer!

Of course, Instagram offers some really great designs to choose from!

21 Yummy Fruit Nail Art Designs On Instagram To Drool Over

Since I can’t decide which fruit nail art to use (since they all look so delicious!), why not get a whole list of my favorite fruits!

Whether you love juicy watermelons or succulent pineapples, you can turn them into designs that will remind you of your fun time under the sun. Check out these wonderful creations and tell me which ones you’d love to try!

21 Yummy Fruit Nail Art Designs On Instagram To Drool Over

1. Summer Fruit Nail Art

Summer is all about the delicious tropical fruits! The more there is, the better! Try to recreate this super cute fruit nail art design from Cute Polish with this tutorial.

21 Yummy Fruit Nail Art Designs On Instagram To Drool Over

2. Watermelon Nails

Before the colder season sets in, remember the succulent watermelons you enjoyed last summer with this design. I just love it when watermelons turn out super red and juicy!


3. Cherry Nails

Ice cream becomes so much classier with a cherry on top. Do you also try to tie cherry knots with your tongue, like me? Keep cherries near you all the time with this nail art design!

21 Yummy Fruit Nail Art Designs On Instagram To Drool Over

4. Citrus Fruits

A photo posted by NAILSALON ALMA (@nail_alma) on

Oranges, limes, and lemons make such refreshing drinks. Although they’re perfect for summer, you can still enjoy them year-round. Try to recreate this awesome citrus fruit design yourself!


5. Kiwi Nails

The first time I tasted a kiwi, I was pleasantly surprised by its clean and juicy taste, despite its hair covering. The pattern inside the fruit also looks quite interesting. I couldn’t help but wonder how it would look on my nails!

21 Yummy Fruit Nail Art Designs On Instagram To Drool Over

6. Banana Nails

This tropical fruit has definitely captured the hearts of a lot of people, from young to old to Minions. It’s only fitting then that a nail art design would be created in honor of bananas.


7. Pink Strawberry Nails

Strawberry nails are probably the most popular fruit nail art ever. Its rich pink or red color plus the contrast of the green leaves make it more than a little attractive. Not to mention it’s quite easy to recreate!


8. Red Strawberries Nails

Red strawberries look so yummy and sweet, don’t you think? Painting them on just two fingers among red nails help keep the people’s attention focused on the two strawberry nails.


9. Dragonfruit Nails

They’re really exotic but dragonfruits are yummy and pack a lot of vitamins! Plus, it looks too interesting to not be used as a design for fruit nail art!


10. Red Apples Nail Art

#4unailsandspa #fallnailart #gelnail #applenailart

A photo posted by 4unailsandspa Hillsdale (@4unailsandspa) on

Apples are also an all-time favorite fruit in America. The fruit’s deep red color also looks great to recreate on your nails!


11. Green Apples Nail Art

Red apples aren’t the only delicious ones. The green kind aren’t only delicious they also pack a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber.


12. 3D Pineapple Nails

The yellow shade in pineapples looks great when used on nail art designs. Adding some 3D gold accents makes it classier as well.


13. Grapes Nail Art

If grapes are your favorite fruit, put a bunch of them on your nails!


14. Mango Nails

Mangoes have a lot of different colors, so you can experiment with it. You can try orange, reddish orange, loud yellow or even green for your mango-inspired nails.


15. Raspberry Nails

Raspberries not only taste great, they also look good on your nails! You can even use the fruit’s bumps to give your nail art some texture!

21 Yummy Fruit Nail Art Designs On Instagram To Drool Over

16. Fuzzy Peaches Nail Art

This hand-painted nail art looks amazing, don’t you think? Use flocking powder to make the peaches fuzzy!


17. Lime Nails

#nailsbykristina #ovalnails #acrylicoverlay #fruitynails

A photo posted by Riverside CA (@nailsbykristina) on

Not everyone can pull off the color green. However, who can resist this amazing lime nail art design?


18. Long Fruity Nails

If you can’t decide which fruit nail art to do, perhaps you should put all of them in! The colorful fruits look amazing on a plain white base.


19. Strawberry and Orange Picnic Nail Art

A photo posted by Bita (@lemoney2) on

Fruits are best eaten at picnics! This design combines favorites, strawberries and oranges, with the checkered patterns of a picnic blanket!


20. Fruit Salad

Mix all your favorite fruits together for a yummy desert! You can also turn your nail art into a fruit salad! Doesn’t it look delicious?

21 Yummy Fruit Nail Art Designs On Instagram To Drool Over

21. Fruity French Nails

Of course, you can’t forget the all-time favorite French tip design. However, give it a bit of a twist by using fruits on the tips of your nails instead of the classic white.


If you love watermelons, try this tutorial from Cute Polish yourself I know I will!

Aren’t these fruit nail art designs drool-worthy? Which one did you like the most? Sound off in the comments section below!

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