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Colorful and Unique Summer Nail Art Designs To Try For 2017

Whether you’re going to invade the beach or go on a trip with friends, it’s always best to fully enjoy yourself this summer.  Try these summer nail art designs to complete your look this season!

Enjoy Summer With These Lovely Summer Nail Art Designs

Your nails can be a simple ombre sunset vibe or an intricate hand-painted masterpiece. Whatever nail art you want to flaunt, these awesome designs will surely take your summer look to a whole other level. Pick one out from this wonderful list of summer nail art designs to best match your style for your next outing.

1. Ocean Nails

Put the sea on your nails with this amazing ocean-inspired nail art! Using glitter as the sand makes it more life-like, don’t you think?

2. Popsicle Nails

Drinking or eating something cold is the best way to battle the heat during summer. Popsicle summer nail art designs are colorful and vibrant. You can also try this ice cream nail art with chocolate syrup and colorful sprinkles!

3. Nautical Nails

Stripes and anchors look good on nails, too! Check out this wonderful teal and white nautical design.

4. Sunset Nails

Thinking of sharing a breathtaking sunset with someone special? Maybe he’ll notice these super easy yet really pretty sunset ombre nails!

5. Sunshine Nail Art

The sun is undoubtedly summer’s biggest protagonist. In this season, people are getting out of the house to soak up and enjoy the warm weather that comes with it. It’s just right to include a cute sunshine nail art in this list!

6. Little Mermaid Nail Art

For the kids and kids-at-heart, summer is another chance to watch Little Mermaid! Use the famous animated film as inspiration for this hand-drawn nail art!

7. Little Mermaid – Ariel Outline

Ariel really is a huge influence for beach-loving individuals. Here’s another Little Mermaid-inspired summer nail art design. This one only uses outlines of the famous Disney princess but her tail is included this time!

8. 3D Mermaid Nails

If you’re not into the whole Disney Princess thing but still love mermaids, this 3D nail art is the best design for you! Learn how to make this masterpiece using some pearls and crystals to make your nails really pop!

9. Blue Sea Nail Art

Enjoy the waves this summer with a really cool blue sea nail art! Your beach-loving friends will definitely love this design.

10. 3D Shell Summer Nail Art Design

Shells can be found all over the beach so it’s no wonder people want to incorporate it into their summer nail art designs! Here’s one with a huge 3D shell as the main attraction.

11. Sea Creatures Nail Art

The sea doesn’t stop at the beach. In fact, the majority of our oceans haven’t been explored yet! This summer might be great a chance for you to dive and explore a small piece of the blue mystery. Check out this amazing summer nail art design featuring some underwater creatures.

12. Starfish Design

Summer nail art designs are not complete without some starfish. The 3D effect of the starfish made it look as if it’s inside an aquarium.

13. Blue Waves

If you’re not one to flaunt eye-catching summer nail art designs, then this subtle, yet still pretty, blue waves nail art is perfect for you.

14. Tie-Dye Nails

Another amazing idea for your summer nail art designs treasure trove is this tie dye-inspired nails. Find out how to make a DIY version here!

15. Sunflower Nails

Sunflowers are another thing to look forward to this summer. Their bright yellow petals would look great on your nails.

16. Colorful Mandala

Mandala designs are so trendy right now. You can see them on tops, summer outfits and now, even on nails!

17. Pastel Flowers With Crystals

Going with the pastel vibe, this vibrant nail art is perfect for your outing on the beach! It surely depicts the colors we always see during summer – pastels!

18. Mickey Mouse Nails

With the summer warmth comes the chance to visit amusement parks with your family or significant other! And when it comes to amusement parks, Disneyland is the best place to go! Prepare for a day of fun with this awesome Mickey Mouse-inspired nails!

19. Watermelon Nails

Summer is a season for sweet treats as well. These watermelon nails are the perfect homage to the delicious treat! If you want to try making watermelon nails, here is a tutorial for you.

20. Cherry Nails

It’s also really cool to play around with long nails. This one used a fruit-inspired nail art with loud and bold colors.

21. 3D Citrus Nail Art

This 3D citrus nail art is one of the most delicious-looking fruit-themed summer nail art designs, don’t you think?

22. Summer Fruit Nail Art

Speaking of fruits, here’s one depicting delicious fruits to eat this summer – kiwis, pineapples, lemons, watermelons, and strawberries!

23. Polka-Dot Bikini Nail Art

Make your nails and swimsuit match this season with this adorable pink polka-dot bikini design! You can even substitute the base colors for whatever shade your bikini is in.

24. Sunglasses Nail Art

One more essential accessory this summer are sunglasses to shield your eyes from the hot sun. It seems like this summer staple can be incorporated into your nail art as well! Check out this neon stamped summer glasses nail design.

25. Floral Nails

Summer is not just about fruits and beaches but flowers too! This colorful floral nail art is a true beauty!


Enjoy summer by making your own gorgeous summer nail art designs with this tutorial from SaraBeautyCorner:

These summer nail art designs are so colorful I’m sure you can’t decide what to do! Choose from any of these wonderful ideas you can do before you hit the beach or enjoy the summer sunshine. Which one will you try this year? Let me know in the comments section below!

Are these summer nail art ideas cute and colorful? You might want to try these!

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