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Fun & Yummy Gingerbread Man Nail Art Tutorial You Can Do With Your Kids

Let your kids enjoy creating nail designs with this yummy gingerbread man nail art! They’ll look so good, you’ll want a bite out of them!

Having an activity together with your kids, especially during the holiday season, is not only enjoyable; it’s also a way to build a bond of love with them. Some of the activities may be as elaborate as decorating Christmas trees or as simple as enjoying some delicious cookies and hot cocoa. Having a slumber party, where you watch movies and paint your nails can be a memorable time for them.

This Gingerbread Man Nail Art Looks Good Enough To Eat

Getting intricate designs might be a bit much for kids. How about trying out this yummy gingerbread man nail art instead? You can even add a Santa hat to get a Christmas inspired nail art!

Watching kids make their own nail art fills me with so much pride and joy! But it’s also important that they enjoy creating their favorite designs as well. This gingerbread man nail art looks appealing enough for them to enjoy making them. Besides, everyone loves cookies!

It would also be fun to bake some gingerbread cookies and decorate them together before diving into your manicure session!

Follow these instructions to enjoy your gingerbread man nail art together!


What you’ll need for your gingerbread man nail art:


Step 1: Protect Natural Nails

For any nail art, you should always thoroughly prep your nails before applying polish. They may contain harsh chemicals that may harm your kids’ nails, as well as yours. After cleaning your nails, make sure you apply a generous amount of base coat. This will help protect your natural nails and will also keep the design last longer.

Fun & Yummy Gingerbread Man Nail Art Tutorial You Can Do With Your Kids

Step 2: White And Mint Base

After you’ve put on the base coat, you can now apply white and mint base coats. You can choose to have all your nails white or mint but it would be fun for the kids to paint the nails in different colors, especially if they work together on one hand.


Step 3: Create The Body

Wait for the base coat to dry. A fast-drying top coat can help hasten the process. When they’re completely dry, you can now start making the gingerbread man’s body.

Using the blunt tip of a pen, dip it in brown or dark nude polish and carefully dip it on the nail. This should create a perfectly round head on the upper side of the nail for the gingerbread man. Then, using a dotting tool dipped in the same shade, draw a line from downwards.

Draw an inverted “V” on the bottom of the line for the legs. Add a line that runs across the body for the hands. Thicken the body some more to make it look more like those delicious gingerbread cookies.

Fun & Yummy Gingerbread Man Nail Art Tutorial You Can Do With Your Kids

Step 4: Put A Hat On It

To feel the holiday spirit, use the dotting tool dipped in white polish to create the fluffy part of a Santa hat on top of the gingerbread man’s head. Then use red polish to draw the rest of the hat.  Add a white dot on the tip of the hat to complete the look.


Step 5: Make The Face

Use a toothpick to create the eyes and the mouth of the gingerbread man. Later, dip the toothpick in black polish to add the irises. You can experiment with the gingerbread man’s face, he can look happy, surprised and even sad, depending on how you want him to look. Plus, letting them decide the expression on the gingerbread man’s face will also clue you in to how your kids feel that day!

Fun & Yummy Gingerbread Man Nail Art Tutorial You Can Do With Your Kids

Step 6: Buttons And Ties

Now that the face is in place, it’s time to give your gingerbread man an outfit. With some glittery red or green polish, line up some small dots on the middle of his body.  You can do two dots, but if it can still it, add a third dot.

Then, using the same shade, draw a bowtie on his neck. Draw a dot in the middle then connect two triangles on each side of the circle to create the tie.

Fun & Yummy Gingerbread Man Nail Art Tutorial You Can Do With Your Kids

Step 7: It’s In The Hands

To give the gingerbread nail art a complete look, use a toothpick to create ridges on the arms and legs. These zigzag lines need not be perfect, but adding them will make the gingerbread man look perfect.


Step 8: Bite On It

Now that you’ve got the basics, you can play around with the design. You can put a bite mark on the gingerbread man’s head along with some crumbs for some fun. You only need to add some dots of brown on the side of the head to present the cookie crumbs.

Fun & Yummy Gingerbread Man Nail Art Tutorial You Can Do With Your Kids

Step 9: Make It Matte

To make your gingerbread nail art even more fun, use a mattifying top coat to seal in your design! I suggest to wait for the nail art to completely dry before applying the top coat to avoid ruining the design.


Watch the full tutorial from Yoko-Nail Art below!

Wasn’t that fun? I’m sure your kids will love having yummy cookies on their nails! And I’m sure you’ll love showing off their creation on your nails. I know I would!

Will you be trying out this design with your kids? Let us know how much your little munchkins loved it in the comments section below!


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