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[Video Tutorial] | Quick and Easy Rose Nail Designs For Summer

Are your nails ready for your ultimate summer get-up? If not, then you’ve got to try this rose nail designs for summer. What makes me more excited about this tutorial is my love for roses. I am always captivated by its beauty. If you also take fancy to this kind of nail art, then this quick and easy tutorial is for you too. Check ‘em out below.

[Video Tutorial] | Quick and Easy Rose Nail Designs For Summer

Try This Charming Rose Nail Designs. You Won’t Regret It!

It’s not everyday that we see roses painted on our nails. So, how about we skip those beach-themed nails and go for an ultimate fun girly rose design for summer? I’m excited that Nail Career Education is here to teach us. This free handed rose nail designs will be a perfect match. If you’re totally up for this awesome piece of art, keep reading below.





  • When mixing colors for the roses and stems,  you can just add more white ink to red color (for the rose bud) and to green color (for the stems) to achieve the desired tint.
  • Once you’re done painting the designs on your nails, wait till they have totally dried up before applying top coat polish so you don’t smear the floral and stem designs.



Step 1: Base Color

Apply zoya ‘tabitha’ nail polish to your nails. This will be your base color.

[Video Tutorial] | Quick and Easy Rose Nail Designs For Summer

Step 2: Green Color

To prepare the color of your stem, mix createx airbrush colors ‘opaque white’ with a little bit of the jacquard colors ’emerald green’.


Step 3: Pink Color

Mix createx airbrush colors ‘opaque white’ with a drop of winsor & newton violet ink.  When the tint  turned to pink already, then that’s the ideal color to use for the rose bud design.


Step 4: Rose Petals

With the calligraphy pen, you can start painting rose petals on your nail. Start by giving that rose bud shape.


Step 5: Stem

Still with the calligraphy pen and with the green ink, start painting the stem under the rose petals.

[Video Tutorial] | Quick and Easy Rose Nail Designs For Summer

Step 6: Highlights

Add little highlights by painting small lines on the roses with createx airbrush colors ‘opaque white’ and the calligraphy pen.


Step 7: Glitter Polish

Repeat steps 1-6 to your other nails. Once you’re done, apply china glaze ‘polarized’ nail polish on your ring finger to add a bit of sparkle to your design.

[Video Tutorial] | Quick and Easy Rose Nail Designs For Summer

Step 8: Top Coat

Now, apply OPI top coat to the rest of your nails to seal in your design.


And that’s it!

It’s so pretty and I absolutely love it.


You can watch the full video tutorial from Nail Career Education below:

Now how do you like this design on your nails? You can recreate this and share to us how it went by leaving a comment down below. Happy painting!


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