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13 Glitter Nail Designs That Would Still Rock In 2017

Glitter nail designs have such a huge impact in the world of nail art. One can not simply have glamour without glitz written all over it. I personally love how these glitter designs add a bit of sparkle to my manicure. That’s why these epic glitter nail designs from 2016 will still turn heads in 2017!

13 Glitter Nail Designs To Still Enjoy In 2017

Glitter nail designs have been such a constant favorite of mine. I love having glitters on my nails because it gives my manicure a edgy kick, making it even more special than it already is.

Thankfully we don’t need to be 5-year-olds to enjoy a sparkly nail art. Those shimmery pointers would look great as an add on to an elegant black dress or a sexy red number. Besides, glitter nail designs work for any season! As long as you’ve got yourself a party to go to. Then again, you can still wear glamorous glitter nails for every day if you feel like it.

If you’re up for some shimmer and glamour, get ready to project and shine with these glitter nail designs that took over my feed this year! While you’re at it why don’t you read this wonderful article on how to keep and make your New Year’s resolution too!


1. Acrylic Nails

Get inspired with trendy and sparkly acrylic nails. The best thing about glitters on acrylic nails is that you don’t have to worry too much about the cleanup later on. They stay on much longer than regular polish as well.


2. Rose Gold Glitter

Rose gold was the color of 2016, so it’s only natural to bring it to the nail art world. Besides, pink glitters on a light pink base will catch anyone’s eyes! I’m sure this glitter color will still catch on in 2017. You’ll surely rock this nail design with a rose gold hair, find out how to do it here!


3. Sparkly Wedding Nails

Nude shades and glitter nail designs are a staple for weddings. These kinds of occasional nail designs can range from the most complicated to simple looks like this. I’d love to have this manicure on my wedding day, wouldn’t you? This will definitely bring oomph on your country-themed wedding!


4. Nail Fashion–J8xBjIr/

What brings acrylic glitter nails to a whole new level? Adding some bling to it! Nail gems make any nail design instantly glamorous. And surprisingly, they work well with glitter, too!


5. Extra Sparkly Glitter Gradient

You don’t have to bring out the acrylics and the gels for a pretty glitter nail design. You can easily create a gradient masterpiece with a glitter polish and a sponge. They may not last as long as the acrylic ones but they’re still equally as pretty.


6. Glittered Tips

Tired of the traditional French tips? You might want to try a more modern version using colorful glitter instead of the usual white polish. Keep your nails clean and natural and let the smattering of glitters speak for you.


7. Princess Dust

If you love glitter so much, wear them as a base! While some nail art only adds sparkles as an accent, this manicure has all of the fingernails painted with pink glitter. Who wouldn’t want pink glitters on their nails?


8. Golden Nails

 Not all that sparkles is gold? This nail art design is. If you can’t decide which kind of polish to use on your nails, why not try everything at once? Using a single shade helps keep it from being too overwhelming but more interesting.

9. Nude Sparklers

Sparkly nude manicures have never looked this good. Having a nude base helps bring out the glitter but still keep the design clean. This would also look great for weddings and even homecoming.


10. Shimmering Palm Tree Nails

Hitting the beach soon? This nail design will be a great companion too. The sparkles make the summer night sky in this design look more dreamy and inviting. A star-filled night sky at the beach is my favorite thing ever whenever I go on vacations.

11. Frozen Nails

Have frozen inspired nails that even Elsa herself would approve! Glitters make the snow look more alive. You can also wear this in the summer, giving Olaf a chance to enjoy a warm summer’s day without melting!


12. Bachelorette Nails

Getting hitched soon but want to spend the last few days of singlehood with a blast?Wear this awesome edgy nail design for your bachelorette party! Dance, drink and enjoy the night looking fabulous before the big day!


13. Nailed It

Spice it up a bit with a black polish and some sparklers for your date night this weekend. Every girl should feel sexy, fierce and bold every day and if a gorgeous nail design will do the trick then go for it!


Here’s another treat that showcases a compilation of Glitter Nail Designs, check out the video below.


You may need some guidance when getting glitter nail designs. If not done properly, you might end up having tacky nails. However, if done right, you’ll have nails that would turn ever head in the vicinity.

So, which ones are you thinking of recreating soon? Don’t forget to tell us how it went by leaving a thought or two at the comments section below.


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This layered necklace would go great with any glitter nail design you choose!



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Featured image via A Model In London

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