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close up of woman in red spaghetti strap top | Lizzo's Trendy Milky White Nails We Absolutely Love | Featured

15 Ways To Wear The Big Milky White Nails Trend

Lizzo’s milky white nails from the KIIS FM Jingle Ball started a new trend that we’d all love to rock! Here are some of the cutest versions of this nail design that the glam squad will surely love.

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15 Milky White Nails You Can Rock on Your Own Red Carpet

1. The OG

person holding pen near journal book | Lizzo's Trendy Milky White Nails We Absolutely Love

It’s always good to start with the basics, especially if it’s the original milky white nails. If you want something simple but stylish, this sheer white manicure is the standard.

Tip: Achieve the milky effect with white nail polish and a layer of clear top coat. This will create the semi-opaque flair of Lizzo’s jingle ball nails!

2. Dash of Blue

Add a little more color into your nails with a dash of blue! The combination of white and azure will give your nail design a fresher twist.

Tip: Experiment with different shapes for your nail art like asymmetrical sides and tips for more dimension. For a variety in texture, you can use nail glitters for the blue accents.

3. Matte Glam

person with white nail polish on left fingers | Lizzo's Trendy Milky White Nails We Absolutely Love

If you’re the type of woman who adores nails with a matte finish, this design is perfect for you. It may not be as translucent as Lizzo’s, but it definitely has the milky factor!

Tip: Spice up your nails with some tiny jewels for a dainty and elegant look. Since you’ll be skipping the clear nail polish, you’ll need the gems for a glimmer of shimmer!

4. Blushing Beauty

Can’t resist the charm of pink? Me too! White acrylic nails, when embellished with blush-colored accents, will give you the feminine flair you desire.

Tip: Soft pink gradients with milky white tips will make you fall in love! Throw in some cute glitters to make them dazzle even more.

5. Pearly White

female nails | Lizzo's Trendy Milky White Nails We Absolutely Love

In love with the glassy look of milky white nails but you want to add a little more shine? Pearly white nail polish is the way to go.

Tip: Always apply at least two or more coats of nail polish to achieve an opaque sheen. You can also add a clear top coat to enhance the glow.

6. Caramel Latte

Are you more of a coffee girl? Add a splash of caramel goodness into your milky nail polish for a little kick! Who knew your morning energizer could look so cute on your nails?

Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment with ombré nail art. Playing with gradients can create the iced coffee effect. You can also incorporate a few swirls for a more realistic look.

7. Touch of Gold

woman's hand placed on top of man's palm | Lizzo's Trendy Milky White Nails We Absolutely Love

A fancy woman like you deserves a nail design that expresses your class! Gold is a go-to color that can jazz up your white nail designs.

Tip: Achieve a minimalist vibe by going for gold glitter polish on your ring fingernails. Gold tips are also a nice touch for that extra hint of glam.

8. Sprinkle of Silver

Not really a fan of gold but still want to achieve the same glam? Silver nail ornaments might be right up your alley!

Tip: Amplify the twinkle of your nail design by accessorizing with the same color scheme! Silver jewelry can bring out all the sparkle you need.

9. Creamy Ombré

person wearing silver ring | Lizzo's Trendy Milky White Nails We Absolutely Love

You can never go wrong with a neat look for your milky white nails, but do you see the small crescent moon on your nail? That’s a lunula, and it’s the perfect spot for a spritz of color!

Tip: To maintain the pristine aesthetic, you can go for a nail lacquer ranging in dusty pink hues to pale beige shades. Whether you’re aiming for a harsh ombré line or a soft gradient, these colors would be perfect!

10. Crystal Candy

If you’re just like me who can’t keep it lowkey with nail jewels, these milky claws are your invitation to go wild! Bedazzling your nails will never leave you unsatisfied.

Tip: Leave one of your fingernails with a transparent acrylic piece. It’s an ideal canvas to crowd with crystals if you want the white nails untouched.

11. Clean Cut

person writing on white paper | Lizzo's Trendy Milky White Nails We Absolutely Love

Are you a simple woman who likes to stick to straightforward yet stylish nail designs? The clean cut is a no-brainer. It’s uncomplicated, but chic nonetheless!

Tip: Choose a gel nail polish for this style to avoid any possible chips or breakage. It is more durable than regular nail polish and helps keep the shape of your nails.

12. Milky Marble

You’ve probably seen a lot of marble nail art recently, but you can’t blame it for being so stylish. Milky white nails would complement this trendy design without fail.

Tip: Make sure to practice on a fake nail first before applying polish on your real ones. Marble isn’t easy to do; the lines might look like cracks if you’re not careful.

13. Two-Tone Tips

French tips are beautiful on their own, but what if there’s a way to make them even more sophisticated? Two-tone tips are all the rage this season!

Tip: There are so many color combinations that can harmonize with your milky white nails. For a more classic feel, a black and white symphony is super cute!

14. Barely Beige

woman holding gold iphone | Lizzo's Trendy Milky White Nails We Absolutely Love

Not so fond of white? You can still achieve the milky effect with neutral colors! Beige is a great shade to start with.

Tip: Choose a nail lacquer that can provide a semi-opaque finish with just a few coats. The vibrance of beige might be a little tricky to pull off, but it’s certainly there with the right polish!

15. Dainty Glitters

The cutest nail designs always have glitters on them, don’t they? Sometimes, even the faintest hint of glitter can brighten up your nails!

Tip: Tiny specks of glitter can go a long way! Simply apply them on the nails you want to stand out or accentuate, and you’re all set.

Got a knack for DIY nail art? Check out this tutorial by Mayra Vargas on how to rock your own milky white nails:

You know what I love the most about these milky white nails? It’s the fact that it’s a nail design that anyone can pull off. As long as you know the style you want and you have the right nail polish, you’re bound to slay with those claws!

Which of these milky white nails would you love to try? Share your picks in the comments section below!

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