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10 Cutest Hello Kitty Nail Art Ideas For Kids At Heart

Hello Kitty nail art is the kind of design every girl would want. I know this for sure because my kids love Hello Kitty! Who doesn’t love this all-time favorite fictional character from Sanrio? Almost everyone I know is, at least at one point in their lives, crazy about this Japanese created-character. For your nail art dream, here’s a collection of 10 cutest Hello Kitty nail art perfect for the fans and kids at heart.

10 Cutest Hello Kitty Nail Art Ideas For Kids At Heart

I can still recall collecting almost all Hello Kitty merchandise there is available. From bags to shoes to pencil cases, name it and I got it. My sister, cousins, friends, and I even have stationery paper with the character on it, and we would swap them to widen our collection.

This fondness for the character led me to my penchant for Hello Kitty nail art. Now that I am in this industry, I no longer have that much desire to collect the merchandise (although I must admit I still have some Hello Kitty stash at home, which my kids have happily inherited) as my partiality to it has transcended into nail designs.

Hello Kitty nail art brings out the kid in me. I get giddy whenever I have one on. Honestly, it brings me back to great childhood memories and I feel like I’m that six-year-old doe-eyed girl once again!  I know this collection of nail art ideas will be a great hit among all of you.


1. Hello Kity 3D

A three-dimensional nail art is absolutely stunning and sensational. This design idea gives you that amazing feel. Drawing the face of Hello Kitty and adding gems to create her bow is just nifty!


2. Hello Kitty Bling

If you want a more grown up approach to Hello Kitty nail art, this design gives you that. It still exudes youthful and fun design with a twist of sophistication and glamour. You can even wear this nail idea to parties and weddings. It’s that versatile!


3. Hello Kitty Dots

This nail art definitely screams Hello Kitty nail art right? It’s cute, gorgeous and everything you would dream about this Sanrio character. The addition of dots just adds interest to this already pretty design.


4. Hello Kitty Shine

Do you want a softer pink to go with your Hello Kitty nail art? Here’s an idea you can recreate. The shiny nail polish used to complete this design makes it pop despite the use of subtle shades. Check this tutorial to guide you remake this design.


5. Hello Kitty French

Breathe new life into the usual French tip by using this nail design. If this is not enough Hello Kitty for you, you can alternate the French design and the simple pink base coat with flowers. Gorgeous, right?


6. Hello Kitty Stickers

A photo posted by  Jackie  (@jackie18g) on

Nail stickers are your best friend if you want to do this look. There are a variety of Hello Kitty nail sticker designs available in the market so it shouldn’t be a problem if you would like to opt for a slightly different variety from this idea. I’m also crazy about the marbled pink and white design.


7. Hello Kitty for Short Nails

Short nails are no excuse not to wear Hello Kitty on your nails. Look at this design to inspire you to don your favorite Sanrio character. Excited to recreate the design? Follow this link for the tutorial.


8. Hello Kitty Water Decals

Water decals is another resourceful way of bringing in more design to your nails. Just look at this idea! The play of colors screams perfection and sophistication. Who would have thought it’s possible with a fictional character? I found more Hello Kitty water decal designs here!


9. Hello Kitty Bow

Hello Kitty’s bow is the character’s more prominent feature, and it’s difficult to be mistaken for something else. If you’re the type who prefers to lay down low on the entire character, sporting its bow is another way to don Hello Kitty nail art. It’s a muted design yet still screams Hello Kitty. Quite clever, right?


10. Hello Kitty Stamp

Another way to display a variety of design is to do stamping. Go that route to advertise your love for Hello Kitty nail art. You can mix and match designs or sport just two and alternative them. The choice is limitless!

You can get your Hello Kitty nail stamp here!


Yearning for more Hello Kitty nails? Watch this video from Long Hair Pretty Nails for a tutorial:

Hello Kitty nail art is definitely something you can sport on any mood and occasion. Try out any (or all) of these ideas. Have fun!

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Looking forward to trying all these Hello Kitty nail art designs? Share which one is your favorite in the comments section below. Visit my Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook page as well for more stunning nail design ideas.


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