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5 Amazing Facts About Jessie Mills & Her Edible Nail Designs

How did Jessie Mills come up with her edible nail designs? Get to know the Kiwi nail stylist and find out what made her think of creating the unusual nail art.

Every Cool Thing About Jessie Mills’ Edible Nail Designs

There have been several evolutions to nail lacquer and nail art in general. However, it looks like Jessie Mills might have taken things a step further with her edible nail designs! They might not be the best option for a night out with friends or even a casual day, but they’re definitely intriguing. If you love chocolate, then you’ll love this design!

Find out how she came up with this nail art and what she used to create this unusual but interesting idea below!

1. Her Own YouTube Channel

Jessie Mills wasn’t only famous for her chocolate covered nails. Her YouTube channel, Nailed It NZ churns out incredible nail art tutorials that her followers can try on their own. Some of her videos include manicure tips, marbling, ombre nails, and even polish mountains.

In fact, she’s amassed a good number of followers, enough to create her own nail art brushes line.

5 Amazing Facts About Jessie Mills & Her Edible Nail Designs

2. Why Edible Nail Art?

If you’re wondering, she didn’t just come up with edible nail art out of thin air. According to the YouTuber, the idea came up after doing a polish mountain video. It had become so big that she wondered what other trends she could start.

While polish mountains became quite popular, the trend was also quite weird. Logically, another unusual activity could also gain attention from YouTubers and nail lovers, hence the edible nail art.

3. Taste Jessie Mills’ Edible Nail Designs

Unlike other life-like food nail art designs, Jessie Mills’ edible nail art come from actual food. She incorporated chocolates, icing, frosting and even caramel into it. Unfortunately, this design wouldn’t be as long-lasting as anyone could hope. By the end of the day, you won’t be able to resist licking everything off your nails.

4. Genius or Infamous?

This creation, viewed 58 thousand times on Instagram, seems to be quite genius. However, some people didn’t appreciate the idea. Certain people thought the design was gross, while others thought to lick off. Meanwhile, others thought the idea was fresh, albeit quite outrageous.

5. Her Other Designs

Using her YouTube channel, Nailed It NZ, she shares her own creations, teaching her followers to do nail art from the most basic to the most complex. She makes fun designs that young girls would love.

Intrigued? Let Jessie Mills show you how to create edible nail art in this video tutorial!

Whatever you think about Jessie Mills and her crazy creation, it was interesting enough to gain attention from the Internet. What crazy thing could come up this year? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

Jessie Mills and her edible nail art isn’t the only nail tech to make some noise in the industry. Find out how Michelle Humphrey became a Maybelline’a resident nail artist next.

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