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Easy & Fun Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial For Beginners

If you think rainbow nails are hard to do, think again. This easy and fun rainbow nail art tutorial is so easy even beginners will master it in no time!

Simple Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial Beginners Will Enjoy

You don’t have to be super creative to follow this simple but enjoyable rainbow nail art tutorial. This is also perfect for beginners because you won’t need a lot of skills to complete this design. You don’t even need to worry about having a steady hand as well because this design is perfect for water marbling.

This nail art would be great for when you can’t decide which color to use for your next manicure. It’s even great for the upcoming spring season, which I’m really excited about!

I love water marbling because of how cute it looks on my nails. It may get a bit messy during the process but if you’ve taken the necessary precautions beforehand, then cleaning won’t be a huge issue.

Check out this awesome rainbow nail art tutorial now!

What you’ll need for this rainbow nail art tutorial:


Step 1: Prep Your Nails

Always make sure that your nails are properly cleaned and prep whenever you start with a new manicure. Sticking to a thorough process will keep your nails healthy even with all the chemicals that they encounter.

With this design, however, you will need to do a bit more than your usual cleaning. Wrap some masking tape around your finger, just below the nail. You can also apply some liquid latex all over the finger, making sure to include the sides of the nails reaching to the second knuckle of your finger. Paint your nail white for the rainbow colors to really pop.

Easy & Fun Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial For Beginners

Step 2: Prepare Water Marble

With the masking tape and liquid latex already dried and ready, start preparing the water for marbling. Pour some water into a 3oz plastic cup and slowly dip one drop of polish into the center of the water. Follow it up with a drop of each color on top of each other. You can go for a second layer.

Easy & Fun Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial For Beginners

Step 3: Line It Up

Now that you’ve got all your rainbow colors lined up, take your wooden stick and create a line from the outer edge of the circle of polish right to the center. Make sure not to run it all the way through the circle. Repeat this all around the circle until a floral pattern is created.

Easy & Fun Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial For Beginners

Step 4: Dip It In

After the pattern is created, dip in your nail. You can have a white base polish painted on your nail. This makes the colors pop more compared to dipping your naked nail bed into the water marble.

Easy & Fun Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial For Beginners

Step 5: Clean Up The Edges

Once you’ve dipped your nail into the solution, some excess polish will cling to your nails. You will only have to peel off the liquid latex and masking tape around your finger. If there are small excesses right around your nails, use an angled cosmetic brush dipped in nail polish remover to brush off any excess.


Now you can show off your rainbow water marble nails!



Check out the full rainbow nail art tutorial from Mucking Fusser below.

Wasn’t that fun and easy to do? If you’re new to creating nail art, then this rainbow nail art tutorial is perfect for you to dip your hands into. Pun intended! If you are experienced with nail art creations, you can still try this design out. I know I will!


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