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DIY | Very Simple Sheer Black Lace Nail Art You’ll Love To Try

Nothing says sexy and classy than lace outfits. Take things a bit further with a gorgeous lace nail art to go with your little black dress!

If you’re very enthusiastic  about nail arts and you love to try new designs each time (like me!), then you’re definitely going to love this new design I’ve picked out! Using a beautiful lace design on sheer black nails, this nail design will surely make you (and your friends) swoon.

This fine and detailed nail art is so easy to do plus, it’s a perfect nail art design for this fall!

DIY |Very Simple Sheer Black Lace Nail Art You’ll Love To Try

If you love lace designs, then you will certainly fall for this lace nail art tutorial I’ve prepared just for you.

It’s a popular design that women use not only for dresses but also for underwear and even shoes! Every female on earth has at least one lace item in her drawer (I have several) and it’s only logical to recreate the patterns on your nails as well. Instead of using virginal white, however, I’ll be teaching you to make black lace here!

Let’s find out how to have this stunning babe on our nails.




Step 1: Base Coat

Begin with a base coat to protect your natural nails. Always wear a base coat whenever you get a new manicure. It will help keep your nails strong and healthy despite the chemicals that come with polishes and nail polish removers.

DIY | Very Simple Sheer Black Lace Nail Art You'll Love To Try

Step 2: Sheer Black Polish

You’re going to need a sheer black polish for this next step. To make this, mix 1 part black polish with 3 parts clear polish. Apply the sheer black polish to your ring finger nail. Let that dry then you’re ready to add some details.

Tip: You might need two or three coats to get this color to the right opacity.


Step 3: Brackets

Use a nail art brush and a black polish to do a lace design. Start off by making 3 bracket shape lines to divide your nail. Make a criss-crossing lattice pattern at the bottom bracket. Then on top of that bracket, use the body of the brush bristles to make clusters of three petaled ruffles.

You can also do the same design on your thumb.

DIY | Very Simple Sheer Black Lace Nail Art You'll Love To Try

Step 4: The Dots

Add dots along the middle bracket and have circle ruffles on the top one. You don’t have to copy this design entirely. The beauty of following lace designs is you can really get creative and do any sort of pattern you’d like. You can search for other designs that you think will look best on your nails!


Step 5: Nude Polish

For a classier touch to your manicure, apply a nude color polish on the rest of your nails. This will make the lace nail art stand out more.

DIY | Very Simple Sheer Black Lace Nail Art You'll Love To Try

Step 6: Top Coat

Before you apply your matte top coat, go over your lace design nails with a normal fast-drying top coat to ensure the design won’t smear. I will also give a smooth finish for the matte top coat.


Step 7: Finishing Touch

And to take it up one more notch, add some rhinestones on your middle fingernail. Use a nail glue to attach the stones. Doesn’t it give you the feel of a beautiful black lace outfit with a gorgeous necklace as an accessory?

And you’re done!


I personally love how stunningly classy this nail design looks!


You can watch the full video tutorial from cutepolish below:

Now how do you like this sheer black lace nail art? Does it look as stunning as the dress you’ll be wearing for your night out? Whether you’re going on your first date with a special person or just going to dinner with friends, this nail design will definitely amp up the chic in your overall look!
Not only does it look stunning on your nails, it’s also super easy to do! You don’t need special tools to get the lace design right. Try this lace nail art out yourself and tell me how it went in the comments section below!
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