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Elegant Light Pink Nails Tutorial

Light pink nails may not come up right away when we’re talking about manicures for date night but this tutorial will make you think otherwise!

Classy Light Pink Nails For Your Next Date

I love all things pink and if I can wear classy light pink nails for my next date night, then I would definitely give it try! I’m sure you would as well, once you see how pretty it looks.

I know night outs usually entail glittery dark nails in hues of red or black but pink nails can be sexy, too. Besides, these elegant light pink nails will go great with the little black dress you keep for special nights as well.


What you’ll need for your elegant light pink nails:


Step 1: Light Pink Nails And Silver Base

After proper prepping, paint the nails your thumb, fore, middle finger and pinky with your favorite light pink nail polish. The nail on your ring finger, however, should have a silver base.

Elegant Light Pink Nails Tutorial

Step 2: Pink and Blue On Silver

On the piece of foil, place a small drop of hot pink and blue polish. Dip a small makeup sponge on the pink polish and dab on half of the silver-based nail. Repeat the same process with the blue shade.  Afterwards, apply a fast-drying top coat to protect the base design.

Elegant Light Pink Nails Tutorial

Step 3: Black Outlines

Outline the silver nail with black striper. Then, using the same striper, draw lines within the nail, similar to how a broken mirror should look.

Elegant Light Pink Nails Tutorial

Step 4: Protect Design

Wait for the design to dry a bit, before applying a fast-drying top coat. This will help protect the black outlines as well as keep the nail art from chipping too fast.


Watch the full tutorial for light pink nails from Lucinha Barteli:

Light pink nails can be incredibly sexy if they’re partnered with just the right design. Painting on long nails can also bring a manicure’s elegance up several notches. Will you try this nail art out for your next date night? Let me know in the comments section below!

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