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43 Amazing Manicure Hacks You Should Know

You don’t have to be a nail artist to have reliable manicure hacks that actually work. Doing your nails can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 with these awesome tips and tricks you should keep in mind whenever you do your nails!

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Proven and Tested Manicure Hacks to Live By

Manicure Hacks for Great Nails on a Budget

Many people I meet complain about how costly it is to get their nails done. There’s the price of maintenance to consider, plus the rate of getting really good nail art.

The charge for the services, however, shouldn’t hinder anyone from having well-groomed nails. There are many manicure hacks you can do in the comfort of your own home without having to spend a fortune.

Ready to uncover the secrets to pretty nails? Read this roundup of manicure tips and tricks!

1. Manicure Hacks | Fixing Broken Nails


Chipped nails are unsightly! No matter how careful we try to be, broken nails will always be part of our lives.

The good news is you only need three items to fix them:

  • acrylic powder and liquid
  • brush
  • clear base coat polish

For a tutorial on how to fix your broken nails, read this.

2. Manicure Hacks | Hot Oil Manicure


Your hands and nails need all the TLC so pamper and give it nourishment. Hot oil manicure is a good relaxing treatment to help your nails grow strong.

How to do it:

  1. Take equal parts of olive, castor, jojoba and grape seed oils together with Vitamin E, and heat them for just 10 seconds. Set this aside.
  2. Next, soak your hands in warm water for five minutes.
  3. Rub lime on your nails.
  4. Apply the heated oil mixture on the nails and nail beds.

3. Manicure Hacks | Nail Stains Removal


Those stains on your nails are nasty! Good thing you don’t have to live with it. All you need are toothpaste and a nail brush (or an old toothbrush you no longer use).

How to do it:

  1. First, get your nails as clean as you can.
  2. Apply toothpaste on the nails, then carefully brush them.
  3. If there are more stains left, repeat the process.

4. Manicure Hacks | Gel Polish Remover

Gel nails are amazing because they last up to three weeks. Removing them is another story but you don’t need, a salon nail tech, though or damage your nails in the process as there’s an easy way to do it at home.

You only have to file the top off, soak gel nails in acetone, wrap them in foil, wait for 15 minutes and remove with a pusher. Check this full tutorial on how to remove gel nail polish here.

5.  Manicure Hacks | White Base for Neon Nail Art


We know white is a good base for basically any nail art there is. But did you know having a white nail polish base makes a neon nail art more vibrant?

White makes the neon color look more alive without the need to apply tons of coats.

6. Manicure Hacks | Gel Manicure At Home


Do you want gel nails but don’t have time to go to the nail salon? Then, do it at home.

Getting a gel nail polish kit like this New Gelish Harmony Complete Starter is a good investment. Check out this DIY tutorial on how to do gel manicure to see how easy it is.

7. Manicure Hacks | Newspaper Nail Art

Letters on your nails are the cutest, right? The process is actually a lot simpler than you think.

How to do it:

  1. Start with white nail polish color as a base coat.
  2. Cut newspaper into small pieces enough to cover your nails then soak them in alcohol.
  3. Place the soaked cut-outs onto your nails until the image has completed adhered to the nails.
  4. Finish with topcoat.

Here’s a detailed tutorial for this hack.

8. Manicure Hacks | Sharpie For Nail Art

Why limit yourself to using nail products when there are other materials you can use for your nail art? Welcome the Sharpie!

These multi-colored markers are so easy to handle, it can give you the defined design you want. Take a look at these Sharpie nail art and be amazed!

9. Manicure Hacks | Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are another popular nail art these days. Did you know achieving the effect is made possible only by a sponge?

You only need to dab the sponge painted with layers of colors onto the nails to get the design. Here’s an ombre nail art you can definitely do!

10. Manicure Hacks | Glitter Nails

Don’t you hate it when you apply glitter polish on your nails and they scatter around unevenly?  Well, there’s a surefire way to fill your nails entirely with glitter.

All you’ll need is a small makeup sponge, and you’ll have the best glitter manicure ever!

11. Manicure Hacks | No Gel Chrome Nails

Gel polish is the best base for chrome nails. But, if you can’t get your hands on them, then you can use normal polish for the base.

Maintaining its mirror effect though can get a bit tricky. No worries, because you can use a water-based topcoat to keep the shine going.

12. Manicure Hacks | Managing Long Nails


Coffin and stiletto nails are extremely pretty, but it can be hard to maintain especially when your daily activities involve the use of your fingers. Fear not, because you can use everyday objects to your benefit.

There are several ways to move around without damaging your nails like using your knuckles, tweezers to pick up stuff and even cards to scoop things up.

13. Manicure Hacks | Avoid Nail Chipping


Nail chipping is one of the most annoying things any nail enthusiast will face. Good thing there are ways to avoid it as much as possible.

If you have enough cash to spare then get yourself a gel or shellac manicure to make it last weeks without chipping. However, you can also follow these tips instead.

They might not last as long as the gel manicure but you can enjoy them up to a week longer than the usual. You only need to find the best base coat and topcoat.

14. Manicure Hacks | Perfect Nail Shape


The root of having good-looking nails begin with the perfect nail shape. There are several shapes you can create:

  • Round: ideal for those with short nails
  • Square: where all the sides of your nails are parallel to each other
  • Square with rounded corners: a mix between two shapes and looks more natural than the square shape.
  • Oval: ideal for long nails
  • Square oval: a mix between the two shapes
  • Almond: good if the edges of your nails are not parallel
  • Pointed stilettos: suitable for very long nails.
  • The edge: only possible when done with false nails.
  • The pipe: another crossbreed between the square and almond

15. Manicure Hacks | Prepping Nails


Prepping your nails is no rocket science because it’s super easy!

How to do it:

  1. The first thing to do is to clean those nails using a cotton ball dipped in polish remover.
  2. Next, push back your cuticles and shape the hangnails. Remember, do not cut the cuticles!
  3. Clip the nails to the length of your choice.
  4. Then shape and smoothen the rough edges using an emery board.
  5. Buff the surface of the nails.
  6. Finally, dab with rubbing alcohol to remove excess oils.

16. Manicure Hacks | Nail Whitening Soak


Whiter nails are achievable using some of your basic household items.

How to do it:

  1. Mix ½ cup warm water, four tablespoons of baking soda, and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Soak your nails in the mixture for a minute or more, and you’re done.

17. Manicure Hacks | DIY Cuticle Cure and Care


Do your nails a service by caring for your cuticles, too. The cuticle oil is the product we swear by.

It moisturizes, contains protective vitamins and citric acid, and stimulates nail growth. A few drops of cuticle oil goes a long way.

You can also give your cuticles a nail spa treatment at home.

How to do it:

  1. Start by soaking your hands in warm water for five minutes, then push the cuticle back.
  2. Apply to the nail beds and cuticle, a mixture of three tablespoons of homemade lotion and a tablespoon of olive oil, which was heated for 30 seconds.
  3. Cover them with gloves (or clean socks).

TIP: Do this routine before hitting the bed.

18. Manicure Hacks | Polish Application


How to do it:

  1. Start the process with clean nails.
  2. Apply a base coat to prevent chipping or staining. Let that dry first.
  3. Place a drop of nail polish at the center, only a little above the cuticle.
  4. Push the drop-down but make sure to leave a gap between the color and cuticle.
  5. From there, move the brush upward all the way to the end of the nail.
  6. Go back to the base and brush the polish on the curves of the nails all the way to the very top.
  7. Do the same thing on the other side.
  8. If you need to apply more polish, do a second or third coat.
  9. Finish off with topcoat.

19.  Manicure Hacks | Perfect Polish

Do you want your manicure to have an extra glow after applying your nail design? The secret is in Aquaphor or Vaseline petroleum jelly!

How to do it:

  1. Dip the cotton bud in either of those two products.
  2. Apply them around the nails and NOT ON the nails.
  3. Once the nail polish is dry, you can also apply rub in some lotion for a perfect polish finish!

20. Manicure Hacks | Ice Water Soak to Speed Up Drying


Waiting for your nails to dry can get boring. Why wait then if you can speed up the process with ice water.

How to do it:

  1. Pour ice water in a container and place some ice cubes.
  2. After you’re done painting your nails, dip them in the container with ice water for about three minutes.

21. Manicure Hacks | No Hot Water for 12 Hours


Your manicure may look dry to you but you can’t take chances. Avoid washing your hands with hot water within 12 hours after getting your manicure.

The heat has some effect on the “curing process,” which may lead to cracking or even smudging.

22. Manicure Hacks | Make Polish Last Longer with Vinegar


Cleaning your nails with distilled vinegar before applying the nail polish can actually make it last longer. After prepping your nails, take a cotton ball drenched in distilled vinegar and dab it to the nails.

Remember to take your time and carefully rub it.

23. Manicure Hacks | Cold Nail Polish


Have you noticed how smooth the nail polish at the salon look when your nail artist applies it? The trick is in its temperature.

Place your nail polish inside the fridge for about 15 minutes before application. The coolness will make acrylic nails look smoother.

24. Manicure Hacks | Removing Excess Nail Polish


Your nail polish application will never be perfect. Don’t worry about the excess as you can easily remove it.

How to do it:

  1. Dip a pointed brush tool on the nail polish remover.
  2. Carefully work your way around the cuticle to remove excess nail polish.
  3. If there are too many excesses, remember to wipe your brush clean from time to time to avoid spreading the excess color.

25. Manicure Hacks | Smudge Nail Polish Fix

Imagine getting out of the salon with perfectly manicured nails, then boom! You hit your nails with something and you’ve smudged it.

It’s a bummer indeed, but relax, because you can fix it fast. Get a smudge fixer, apply to the area, and you have a clean slate.

26. Manicure Hacks |Elmer’s Glue as Peel-Off


There is plenty of peel-off coat available to help get rid of the mess after doing nail art. However, if you run out of this product, you can simply DIY.

How to do it:

  1. Dilute Elmer’s glue in a small amount of water.
  2. Apply on the skin around your nails before you do your design.
  3. Once done, peel off the glue and your nails and hands are all pretty!

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27. Manicure Hacks | Polish Remover in a Jar


Taking off your nail polish isn’t so hard, right? Well, it’s another story when you’re in a hurry.

Good thing there is nail polish in a jar where you only have to dip your fingernails and they’re clean as new.

How to do it:

  1. Get a mason jar with a screw-on lid.
  2. Place in it a sponge, cut into lengthwise and roll the two pieces together into a swirl-like configuration.
  3. Pour nail polish remover into the jar. Make sure you have enough to soak the sponge.
  4. Dip your fingers in it.
  5. Then, voila! They’re clean.

You can put the lid back on and use the nail polish remover dip again next time.

28. Manicure Hacks | Natural Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover doesn’t cost much. Nonetheless, if you want to create an all-natural product, here’s something you can do.

How to do it:

  1. Take equal parts of lemon juice and vinegar in a bowl.
  2. Soak in the mixture a few cotton balls.
  3. Wrap nails with the soaked cotton balls for about 30 seconds then rub off the polish.

See it in detail here.

29. Manicure Hacks | DIY Peel-Off Base Coat


It’s a whole lot easier to remove your nail polish if you use a peel-off base coat. All you have to do is use a plastic cuticle pusher to gently lift the nail colors.

In case you’re short on budget for a store-bought peel-off base coat, use Elmer’s glue as an alternative.

How to do it:

  1. Pour the glue in a clean empty nail polish bottle.
  2. Apply the glue on the nails.
  3. Once it dries, do your own nail art magic.

30. Manicure Hacks | Nail Polish Thinner


Don’t throw away your thickened nail polish since you can still totally salvage them! Apply about three drops of nail polish thinner to the thickened nail polish, then roll the bottle to mix.

Now, you have one that’s good as new! Here’s a polish thinner you will absolutely like.

31. Manicure Hacks | Rubber Band French Tip


Having a hard time perfecting your French tip? Use a rubber band next time to define the lines.

How to do it:

  1. Knot the rubber in the middle at least three times.
  2. Place one end of the knotted rubber band on the part of the nail where you want the tip while the other end is attached to another finger for control.
  3. Apply the color while the rubber band is in place.

32. Manicure Hacks | Band-Aid French Tip


You can also use band-aids to define the line of your French tip. It’s like doing a professional paint job, only, small-scale.

You only need to take the band-aid and attach it to the part of the nail where you want the line. Paint the nails, and you have a perfect french tip!

33. Manicure Hacks | Dotting Tool


Don’t fret if you don’t have the dotting tool you need for festive nail colors. There are many items inside your home you can work out as an alternative.

First, there’s the cotton bud, which does just fine in giving you those dots. You can also use toothpicks, bobby pins, tips of pencils or pens, and even match sticks.

Using a straight pin can be done as well. Attach this to a pencil eraser and you’re good to go.

34.  Manicure Hacks | DIY Matte Nail Polish


Matte nail polish is so hot right now! There are matte nail polishes available but we can always DIY.

How to do it:

  1. Get a pinch of cornstarch and mix it with a clear topcoat.
  2. Apply this mix to your painted nails to give you an instant matte finish.

35. Manicure Hacks | Fish Net Nails

The lines may make you dizzy but fishnet nails are easy to hack.

How to do it:

  1. Paint your nails with a base coat in the color of your choice (many prefer black).
  2. Once dry, attach a fishnet from a loofah over the nails.
  3. Generously apply another color of choice on a sponge and dab the sponge on the nails.

Easy, right?

36. Manicure Hacks | Clipping Nails


When clipping nails, make sure your fingertips are wet and the clipper itself is wet. This makes the trimming a whole lot easier plus, the nails won’t be flying off anywhere.

37. DIY French Manicure Hacks

For a reliable everyday nail design, opt for the French mani. A simple French manicure shouldn’t cost you a fortune because you can do it on your own.

You can learn how to use French manicure stickers or how to do a French manicure without guide strips. Pick one from these five DIY French manicure tricks you can work with and do a French mani fast, anywhere, any day.

38. French Nail Art Hacks


There is no way you can’t do these French nail designs on your own. That’s why I love French manicure because they’re elegant for all they’re so easy to do.

From the diagonal French manicure to the negative-space designs, you’ll love them all as much as I do.

39. Perfect Nail Application Hack


This is what we call the dot, push, pull, and side to side nail application to avoid creating a huge sloppy mess on your nails.

How to do it:

  1. First, make sure you don’t have too much nail polish on the edge of your brush.
  2. Put a dot of nail polish on the center of your nail but closer to your cuticle.
  3. Push the polish and pull back all the way to the tips.
  4. Do the same to both sides of your nail with a flawless motion keeping to the edge.

40. Nail Hacks for Short Nails


We’re all for working with what you have rather than risking life and limb to get what you don’t. So, for those with short nails, don’t despair because these cute nail art hacks will only make your nails look prettier.

41. Nail Polish Coating Hack


Instead of applying one or two thick coats of nail polish, apply multiple thin coats for long-lasting and smudge-proof nail design. Thick coats take a long time to dry leaving it prone to smudges.

Coat alternately on your right and left hand, so you allow one hand to dry while applying on the other.

42. Nail Art and Design with a Toothpick Hack

How to do it:

  1. Dip the tip of a toothpick with nail polish then put two dots side by side on your nail.
  2. Slide down from one dot to the center below the two dots, then circle back up to the other dot leaving a groove between the dots to create a tiny heart design.

To make a pretty flower design: Strategically place a dot on your nail with a nail polish-dipped toothpick. Add five more dots equidistant around it.

You can opt to leave it as is or you can slide the tip of the toothpick on the dots towards the center dot, creating a dent.

43. Baking Soda Manicure Hack

Baking soda is a known anti-fungal substance, so when it comes to your nails, nothing is more effective at a low price. And without harmful ingredients, too.

It also helps polish and counter discoloration of nails and helps make cuticles soft.

Here are more manicure hacks from Glamrs:

Manicure hacks are very helpful to achieve those pretty nails. Try these manicure tips and tricks and see how beautiful your nails would look!

Are you ready to put these DIY manicure hacks to the test? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

These manicure hacks are sure to help you get the most gorgeous nail art! But you have to take care of your nails, too. Check out these awesome vegan nail polish brands that you can use next!

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