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Miho Kawajiri | Get To Know The Talent Behind Nails by Mei

Find out what made Miho Kawajiri of Nails by Mei loved by celebrities, models, and magazines! Step into her world of amazingly outrageous nail designs!

Miho Kawajiri, Nails by Mei Makes Designs A Hit In NYC

Just like her fellow Japanese nail artist, Miho Kawajiri of Nails by Mei earned her fame with her pop art designs. The self-confessed nail geek loves experimenting with new materials. She relishes in shocking people with her designs and ideas.

Despite being one of the most in-demand nail artists in New York, she still works as a freelancer, getting in touch with her client base mostly through Instagram.

Get to know the creative brain behind Nails by Mei here!

Miho Kawajiri | Get To Know The Talent Behind Nails by Mei

1. Her Japanese Touch

Having learned almost all of her craft in Japan, the 34-year-old nail stylist’s designs clearly have a Harajuku influence in them. After finishing a cosmetics course in Osaka, she later worked hard to open her own nail salon, FOXXY in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. Eventually, she moved to the US in 2012 where her impressive artistry caught the attention of fashion labels.


2. Where Miho Kawajiri Gets Inspiration For Nails by Mei Designs

Like any artist, Miho gets inspiration from everything around her – nature, food, cartoons, movies, pop art and even politics. She also makes sure to try different kinds of polish brands as well as experiment with unusual materials. What more, she paints everything she creates by hand!

Miho Kawajiri | Get To Know The Talent Behind Nails by Mei

3. Haute Couture Clients

After moving to New York, the Nails by Mei creator was able to catch the attention of various fashion labels. She worked with Balenciaga and was able to land clients like supermodel Adriana Lima as well as Hannah Bronfman.


4. Gold Chains And Giant Crystals

Although she loves practicing her creativity through her nail art, it seems that gold chains and huge crystals have become her a new favorite trademark. Furthermore, they’re unique and they seem to boost women’s confidence as well!

Miho Kawajiri | Get To Know The Talent Behind Nails by Mei

5. Politics In Nail Art

Although she hails from Japan, Miho has strong feelings regarding political issues in America. That being said, she channels her views through her nail art of course. During the election, she posted her work supporting Hilary Clinton. On the other hand, she also created nail designs that mocked President Trump. Other issues she felt strongly about include Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, and gender equality.


Watch Miho Kawajiri of Nails by Mei  at work in the video below.

As a freelance artist, Miho Kawajiri was able to freely promote Nails by Mei without fear of being put in a conventional box. Being an artist myself, I love her outrageous designs! Wearing her trademark gold chains can definitely boost any girl’s confidence. Let me know what you think of her work in the comments section below.

Miho Kawajiri isn’t the only Japanese celebrity nail artist you should know about. Check out Naomi Yasuda next!

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