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10 Must-Have Nail Stamping Plates For Every Occasion

You must have these 10 nail stamping plates for your next manicure! You’ll have the best nails for Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and other occasions with these plates!

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10 Nail Stamping Plates You Should Have On Hand

1. Bundle Monster Plates


Bundle Monster offers several interesting nail stamping plates. The company brought together five nail art bloggers to create their own plate designs. If you love gotnail, Kelli Marissa, nailedthepolish, or de_briz, you should definitely get all the five plates! The entire set costs $19.99.

2. MoYou London Plates


MoYou London has some cute nail stamping plates that you would love to store in your nail art kit. It offers various unique designs that can be easily picked up by the stamping pad. They’re also highly detailed, which are perfect for those who love intricate details.

3. Konad Stamping Plates


Konad is known for circular plates with seven different designs in each one. If you’re looking for nail stamping plates that have singular images, then Konad is the brand for you.

The brand has all kinds of single-image designs, such as butterflies, flowers, kiss marks, and even Christmas stuff. They also have square plates now, which has designs that will fit the entire nail.

4. Red Angel


This nail stamping plate offers all kinds of glamorous images like cheetah prints, hearts, florals, mermaid tails, and even fairies. You can also buy them in bundles to give you a better range of options for every collection.

5. Jumbo Plates by Cheeky


Offered by Cheeky, these Jumbo plates have 42 detailed and full nail art designs ready for transfer on your nails. The intricate details and patterns make for an eye-catching nail art design that would be hard to recreate freehand.

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6. PUEEN Nail Art Stamping Plate – Celebration Collection


PUEEN stamping plates usually have interconnected designs that you can play around with. Dubbed as a “stamping buffet,” you can stamp anywhere you like on the plate.

Every stamp will definitely come up with a unique design each time. There are different sets to the Celebration Collection and you might want to try the Lace Blossom one!

7. Born Pretty Stamping Plates


With ridges deep enough to hold just enough polish for transfer onto a stamping pad, Born Pretty is perfect for beginners as well as experienced nail stampers! It has kaleidoscope designs, geometric shapes, as well as florals. It’s also quite affordable at only $10-$11.

8. Maniology Stamping Plates


Maniology offers a wide array of stamping plates for every occasion. Their best-sellers are Halloween and Valentine’s Day-inspired stamping kits. Their products are priced between $7-$20.

9. Lantern & Wren Stamping Plates


Lantern & Wren stamping plates are oozing with elegance and it will totally bring out the best version of your nails. Their fabulous designs include roses, hearts, and so much more.

Plus, they have a whole collection for each season. Each set is sold for $14.99.

10. What’s Up Stamping Plates


Here’s another brand that has affordable stamping plates, but also has one of the most creative collection out there. From aquatic to winter mood designs, they got you covered. You can get these plates for only $9.90.

Why You Should Try Nail Stamping Plates

Intricate details on nail art designs don’t need to be drawn by hand all the time. After all, drawing on all nails can become a bit tedious, especially if you’re working with intricate details. This is when nail stamping plates come in handy!

From simple zigzag designs to detailed rose gardens, nail stamping plates help create wonderful designs on your nails. Having your own set of plates will give you the chance to create your favorite designs with relatively less effort.

New to nail stamping? Learn how to stamp properly with this beginners guide by Janelle Estep:

There are a lot of other nail stamping plates out right now. This list, however, will hopefully give you an idea of what brands you can look into for quality stamping images.

Which of these nail stamping plates do you like best? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 23, 2019, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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