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10 Nail Colors You Should Try This 2020

What better way to start the new year than to flaunt these new and beautiful nail colors! In this post, you’ll learn new trend-setting designs that should make the rounds in 2020 and how you’ll be able to achieve them.

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Nail Colors To Showcase In 2020 | Products You Should Try

1. Clear Blue

blue manicure light dark colors lacquer | Nail Colors You Should Try This 2020

Let’s start things off with the color of the year that is clear blue. Butter London has a wide range of colors that fits the theme. You can opt for other shades of blue like Aquamarine, Teal, or Powder Blue as these colors belong to their Color of the Year collection.

What you need:

  • Base coat
  • Seaside Nail Lacquer
  • Giddy Kipper Nail Lacquer
  • Bang On! Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer
  • Top coat

2. Vibrant Orange

colorful make up shadows nails woman | Nail Colors You Should Try This 2020

Orange is this year’s official color for the summer so better be ready when that time comes! You can also try mixing it with yellow and pink shades for that vibrant vibe.

What you need:

3. Luscious Pink

nail design white dots on french manicure | Nail Colors You Should Try This 2020

Pink never goes out of style and what better way to showcase its beauty than adding some decals like hearts or polka dots?

What you need:

4. Deep Purple

manicured violet nails nail polish | Nail Colors You Should Try This 2020

If you dig darker outfits, the purple color will definitely accentuate your entire get-up. Violet projects class and sophistication so if you want to project that mature aura, try this one out.

What you need:

5. Metallic Shades

very beautiful silver metallic nails closeup | Nail Colors You Should Try This 2020

Metallic colors project modern, sleek, and ornate so try these nail colors for that revolutionary look. What makes this shade fun to wear is it looks better by adding some sparkles and gloss in it. Try it for that added flare.

What you need:

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6. Mermaid Green


Green is your go-to color if you like that clean and fresh look. You can also blend it with brown nail polish to give it that nature theme. If you want to take it to the next level, try drawing leaves or tree design.

What you need:

7. Pristine White

stylish trendy female manicure | Nail Colors You Should Try This 2020

White is the symbol for purity and is best suited for light-colored outfits. The clean look is always a safe bet but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore with other shades. You can try mixing it up with beige nail polish for that classic look.

What you need:

8. Blazing Red


February is fast approaching and that means Valentine’s Day is on the horizon! Worry not! The Essie Valentine’s Day Collection 2020 unwrap me nail polish should do the trick and keep your nails in tip-top shape and color!

What you need:

  • Base coat
  • Essie Valentine’s Day Collection 2020 Unwrap Me nail polish
  • Top coat

9. Bright Gold

brilliant golden manicure red lacquer | Nail Colors You Should Try This 2020

Gold makes your nails shine brighter like the sun while making it look as elegant as possible. The best thing about gold is its a great complementary color, so mixing it with other colors will amplify its beauty. As a tip, try it with color black or red and it should make your nails stand out.

What you need:

10. Darker Than Black

design manicure matte black blue nails | Nail Colors You Should Try This 2020

Black is perfect for bosses like you! The color projects strength, power, and elegance, which makes it an ideal match for your office attire.

What you need:

Craving for more trend-setting nail colors for 2020? Check out this video by ET Style:

Now that you know the hottest nail colors of 2020, it is time for you to try each and see what suits your style best. Keep on mixing it up until you find the one that will complement your skin tone and outfits. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the right one for you especially if you rock it with confidence and pride.

Which nail color do you find the prettiest? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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