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Easy Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial for the Summer

Are you looking for an easy water marble nail art for this summer? Here’s an easy tutorial as colorful as this season.

A Colorful Water Marble Nail Art For The Summer

One of the newest trends in nail art today is the water marble nail art. It’s a colorful combination of nail polishes that looks like it was done by a nail expert. However, this is very easy to do and it’s completely doable at home. This season, you can experiment with various color combinations that will perfectly match your summer outfits. Find out how to create this easy water marble nail art below.

What You’ll Need for this Water Marble Nail Art:

Step 1: Apply Your Base Coat

Always apply your base coat first. This will help you protect your natural nails from staining. Moreover, it provides a clear layer between your nails and the pigment of the nail polish.

Easy Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial for the Summer

Step 2: Apply Your Base Color

Apply two coats of your base color. White is preferred because it serves as a canvass to make sure your colors are bright and opaque.

Step 3: Apply Liquid Latex

Apply the Kiesque Liquid Palisade Easy-Peel Polish Barrier all around your finger to help protect the skin. If you don’t have this, you can use vaseline or tape. However, make sure you don’t apply them over the nail polish because this will ruin your design.

Step 4: Get A Container With Room Temperature Water

Get a small container with room temperature filtered water. Don’t use a large basin because the nail polish might spread too quickly. Don’t use unfiltered water because it contains minerals that can prevent the nail polish from spreading on the water.

Easy Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial for the Summer

Step 5: Drop Each Color Of Nail Polish Into The Water

Make sure you use neon and bright colors to feel the summer vibe on your nails.

With a cup of room temperature water, place one drop of each color of nail polish into the water. If you want this to be more opaque, you can drop the same color of nail polish in a row. Make sure you drop it just above the surface because holding the nail polish from too high will make it sink in the bottom.

Step 6: Create Your Water Marble Nail Art Pattern

You can now create your water marble nail art pattern. With a dotting tool, you can drag each side out. Make sure you wipe the dotting tool between each drag so the colors won’t mix. Then drag the water marble up and down across the cup.

Step 7: Dip Your Finger

Quickly dip your finger into the water, position where you want it. Remember to dip your finger on a 45-degree angle to prevent water bubbles from appearing on your nail.  Blow gently to dry the polish and with a cotton swab, clean the remaining polish on the water.

Step 8: Clean The Surrounding Skin

Remove the liquid latex around the nail. Make sure to use a nail polish remover to clean the skin after.

Step 9: Top Coat

Apply a protective top coat on your nail to make it last longer. It will also add a beautiful shine on your design.

And you’re all done!

Easy Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial for the Summer

So what can you say with this easy water marble nail art? Perfect for your weekend getaway to the beach, right?

Water Marble Nail Art Ideas For The Summer

Did you enjoy the tutorial? If you want other ideas for color combinations and patterns perfect for the summer, here are some of my best picks.

1. Pink And Yellow Neons

Pink, yellow, purple and orange are perfect colors for the summer. They’re vibrant and will definitely stand out!

2. Candy Colors

Are you a fan of candies? This water marble nail art will definitely make you crave for gummy bears!

Easy Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial for the Summer

3. Bright And Fun Watermarble Nail Art

If you want something summery, bright and fun, this water marble color combination is perfect for you. You get this tie-dye effect too!

4. Summer Rainbow

Rainbow sometimes appears during the summer too! Why not try to combine the rainbow colors into a colorful water marble nail art design!

5. Subtle Pink

Who says the color pink isn’t summery? This pink flower design will match your summer outfit perfectly.

Easy Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial for the Summer

Here’s the full video tutorial by cutepolish:

It might look hard and complicated, but this design is just quick and so easy to do, right? How do you like your new water marble nail art for the summer? Tell us how it went by sharing your thoughts below!

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