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Nail Design Trends to Suit Your Personality

Nails can really express your style and personality; whether you're calm, cool and collected or bold and fierce.  With so many different colors, shapes, and designs out there; you can literally choose one to match your outfit or to match your persona!
Read on to find out which style suits you best!

Check out these artistic nails

Young and Cool

Nothing says young and cool like pink rounded nails with tiny black streaks. This is a great option for college students.

Colorful and Quirky

Add a bit of color to your life with these bright red nails. Your quirky personality is true to form with this nude embellished design which adds an element of surprise.

Fun and Flirty

This one is for the girly- girl who loves pastels and shimmer. The rounded edge and short length allows you to go about your day without your nails getting in the way. However those mix of pink, purple and blues tells us that you dont take yourself too seriously, and you're always down for a bit of fun!

Sleek and Sophisticated

What could be more ideal for the serious career woman, than these classic french nails. These are beautiful but understated giving a sleek and sophisticated look no matter where you go.

Young, Wild and Free

Nothing says young wild and free like purple butterflies, but as if that wasn't enough, purple glitter tops off these almond shaped nails.

Cool and Calm

These amazing matte blue nails fits well with a cool, calm personality, but she's certainly not boring, not in the least. You can tell by the unexpected white glitter that this girl has a bit of spunk!

Hot and Spicy

These fiery red nails are ideal for a woman with a hot and spice personality; someone strong and outspoken! I absolutely love the glamorous gold strips used to create these horizontal designs.

Dark and Edgy

Nothing says dark and edgy like the color black! Get ready to turn a few heads with these trendy matte black nails. But hey, you can still add some shimmer to your life with these glittery pinkies and cool floral designs with  black polka dots. Well, there you have it, a roundup off beautiful nail design options to suit any and every personality!

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